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Type of pimples:what is the origin of your imperfections?

Ah pimples… They sometimes make life hard for us! Having pimples on the face can be painful, represent a real aesthetic discomfort, but it is not inevitable. To successfully get rid of pimples, it is better to understand what type of pimples it is, in order to treat the cause. What are the different types of pimples? How to get rid of pimples on the face? Here are Veld's tips.

The different types of buttons

White buttons

White pimples are the most common pimples. These are small pimples, usually less than 3mm, that appear as a bump under the skin. They then evolve into a white pimple, with a tip that sometimes breaks through on its own. In dermatological language, we speak of microcysts or closed comedones .

Their cause? An accumulation of sebum, keratin (protein that makes up skin tissue), and bacteria C. This accumulation clogs the pores, and a white pimple appears. If you touch the pimple too much, or if the ground is favorable to an infection, the small white pimples can evolve into a papule or a pustule, i.e. a larger and more painful pimple .

Stress buttons

Stress pimples are actually just acne pimples. When you experience significant, peak or constant stress over a period of time, the skin is out of balance. In some people, this results in stimulation of the sebaceous glands , which produce too much sebum. The latter then clogs the pores, and acne pimples form.

In this case, beyond the pimples on the face, it is quite possible to also present pimples on the body (often on the neckline and the back).

Heat Buttons

When temperatures rise, it is not uncommon to see heat rashes appear. These are small diameter buttons , red-pink . They can be localized on the face, as well as on the body.

When it is hot, excess perspiration fails to evacuate entirely through the excretory ducts, as it usually does. Sweat then passes into the dermis and epidermis, and small pimples may appear. Heat rashes are even more present if the skin is suffocated under a non-breathable material . The material of the clothes can therefore have an important role.

Hormonal buttons

Hormonal pimples affect adolescents, but also a large part of adult women. At puberty, hormones lead to overactivity of the sebaceous glands, which leads to the appearance of acne pimples. In adult women, the hormonal cycle can influence the balance of the skin . Hormonal acne is thus observed the week before the onset of menstruation, or during the week of menstruation. They often appear on the T-zone, with pimples on the forehead, chin, and nose.

How to eliminate pimples on the face?

Pimples on the face can cause real aesthetic discomfort, and affect self-esteem. They can also make the skin uncomfortable:pain, itching, inflammation. Finally, if they are not treated properly, they can become infected and leave significant scars on the face. Fortunately, with a good skincare routine and good reflexes, it is possible to prevent their appearance.

Cleanse your skin every day

Since pimples on the face are linked to the increased presence of sebum in the skin tissue, it is necessary to clear the way to prevent their appearance. Every day, morning and evening, cleansing the skin will remove excess sebum from the surface . You can use a cleansing gel dedicated to oily skin. However, be careful not to use products that are too stripping, so as not to have reactive hyperseborrhoea (the skin defends itself by overproducing sebum).

Betting on exfoliation

In addition to daily cleansing, it is possible to prevent the appearance of pimples by exfoliating the skin. Scrubbing the skin will unclog the pores , and to prevent them from becoming clogged with sebum. If your skin is prone to imperfections, choose chemical scrubs over mechanical scrubs. These are too aggressive for damaged skin and can contribute to the formation of scars. Finally, to spare your skin, do no more than one exfoliation per week .

Use a suitable day cream

When you have pimples on your face, it can be difficult to find the right treatment. The skin can be particularly oily, but also reactive and sensitive . If the skin produces too much sebum, it still needs daily hydration. So choose a day cream for oily skin, with a water-rich composition , to fill up with hydration, but not lipids. Ideally, choose a cream with soothing and healing active ingredients, to improve the beauty of the skin.

For example, our Pure Pulp Neo treatment, rich in Condurango and Centella Asiatica, helps to repair the skin in depth . It regains comfort, is well hydrated, and imperfections heal faster and better.

Treat imperfections locally

In addition to your daily moisturizer, a local treatment for pimples can be effective. There are many dedicated treatments in drugstores, in the form of a concentrated gel, or in the form of a roll-on. Your local care can then be applied after putting on your moisturizer, and after letting it penetrate for a few minutes.

Tackling the cause of the problem

Adopting a care routine adapted to problem skin is a good start to eliminating pimples on the face. However, nothing is more effective than attacking the problem at the cause:

  • If it's stress pimples, working on stress management through sports, meditation, or creative activities can help
  • If these are hormonal pimples, anticipate their arrival throughout your cycle and accentuate scrubs and anti-blemish treatments beforehand
  • If it comes to heat rash, dress in breathable and lightweight materials to limit perspiration. If you have perspired a lot, a spray of thermal water on the face before blotting gently will prevent the skin from macerating under the perspiration.

If you have white pimples on a regular basis, without identifying specific sources, it is probably an overactivity of the sebaceous glands. In this case, an improvement in lifestyle can help:a balanced and varied diet, quality sleep, good stress management. If the imperfections persist and/or are too severe, do not hesitate to consult a dermatologist who can offer you the appropriate solutions.