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Discover fibroblasts:the architects of your skin

Fibroblasts are true architects for the skin. They determine its cellular structure, make it flexible and resistant. A very important role, and yet, fibroblasts are still little mentioned in the world of cosmetics. What are fibroblasts? How do they work? What is the relationship between fibroblasts and collagen? How to stimulate fibroblasts to keep skin fresh and young? Veld's answers all your questions.


Fibroblasts are cells of the dermis , responsible for the formation of connective tissue. It is a strong tissue that surrounds and supports cartilage, muscles, tendons, but also serves as a support for the skin. Fibroblasts are intelligent cells, equipped with receptors called integrins. These receptors make it possible to capture different messages transmitted by the skin, so that the fibroblasts adapt to ensure the proper functioning and good health of the dermis .

What is the role of fibroblasts in the skin?

Fibroblasts are the source of the tissues that make up the dermis and epidermis. They structure them, reinforce them, keep the whole thing in place. Depending on the messages perceived by the receptors, fibroblasts produce different components, including collagen fibers and elastin . It is these fibers that allow the skin to remain supple , elastic and resistant . Fibroblasts also secrete substances related to skin growth, development, and daily functioning.

Fibroblasts in the healing process

Since fibroblasts “adapt” their production to the signals they detect, they become very active when injured. Indeed, when they detect a lesion of the skin tissues, the fibroblasts proliferate and produce in mass to boost the growth of the skin . This forms healing tissue, rich in collagen, which then disappears as healing progresses.

Fibroblasts and collagen:evolution with age

Over the years, the number of fibroblasts present in the dermis tends to decrease . In the same way, the ratio between fibroblasts and other cells deteriorates, which makes the skin less rich in collagen and elastin. As a result, the skin becomes thin , loses flexibility , becomes less resistant , causing sagging skin and the appearance of wrinkles. To fight against this natural aging of the skin, it is then possible to stimulate the fibroblasts to give a boost to the skin.

How to stimulate fibroblasts?

A skincare routine that promotes collagen production

It seems obvious, but the hectic pace of everyday life sometimes takes over:the more you pamper your skin, the longer it will stay young and plump. Thus, a care routine adapted to your skin type and carefully followed guarantees you healthy skin . And healthy skin will see its collagen levels drop less quickly.

Morning and evening, cleanse your skin using a mild cleanser. Once a week, do a detoxifying scrub or mask to eliminate all the impurities that can disrupt the proper functioning of the skin. Finally, keep in mind that hydration is essential:the more the skin receives the nutrients and hydration it needs, the more the fibroblasts will benefit from good conditions to produce collagen and elastin. So hydrate your skin morning and evening .

To go further, you can bet on a moisturizer that maintains the youthfulness of the skin and promotes the activity of fibroblasts . At Veld's, we have designed Pure Pulp Neo, a beauty restoring gel rich in Condurango and Centella Asiatica extracts. These natural active ingredients offer moisturizing, lifting and plumping properties, for younger, plumper skin!

Massages to stimulate fibroblasts naturally

We already told you about it in our article on anti-aging massages:facial massage is a treatment in its own right , economical and natural, which offers surprising results. When you apply your moisturizer before bed, take the time to massage the skin.

Make movements that start from the inside of the face to the outside , then from bottom to top (without forgetting the neck). Then make small circular massages with your fingertips, to relieve tension. Finally, make several passes in the opposite direction of the wrinkles to blur them. This massaging action, practiced regularly, and at a rate of 5 minutes a day, stimulates the fibroblasts and promotes the production of elastin and collagen .

A healthy lifestyle to preserve fibroblasts

We know that our lifestyle plays an important role in the beauty of the skin . For example, stress, tobacco, and alcohol consumption contribute to the breakdown of fibers in the skin tissue, which leads to premature skin aging . To have beautiful skin, take care of yourself first and foremost:getting enough nights of sleep, healthy stress management, consuming 1.5 liters of water on average per day.

Finally, diet is crucial to preserve fibroblasts and promote their activity. We opt for foods rich in antioxidants and vitamin C:goji berries, kiwi, walnuts and hazelnuts, ginger, almonds, etc. Dried fruits, vegetables and fruits are your allies!

Aesthetic medicine to stimulate fibroblasts

For the brave who are not afraid of needles, aesthetic medicine nowadays offers many techniques to stimulate fibroblasts . Mesotherapy, for example, consists of injecting a nutritive product to revitalize the skin from the inside and directly nourish the cells.

Micro-needling is another technique, where micro-perforations are made on the areas to be treated, to stimulate the production of collagen by the fibroblasts, resuming the natural healing process. To know all the modalities, the course of the interventions, and the contraindications, seek advice from a specialist.