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How to properly prepare your skin for the sun?

Ah the sun, these beautiful rays, its full of vitamin D... and its dangers for the skin! While strolling outside is particularly pleasant in summer, it is essential to prepare your skin well to prevent sunburn and risks to the skin tissue. Diet, care, beauty routine… Here are all our tips for tanning safely!

Why prepare your skin for the sun?

The beautiful season finally sets in, and with it, the rays of the sun assert themselves slowly but surely. In order to enjoy the summer as it should, it is necessary to prepare your skin for the sun . For fans of sunbathing, preparing your skin for the sun will allow for a more even tan , with better durability.

For those who, conversely, flee the sun for fear of sunburn or an allergic reaction, preparation is all the more essential. Indeed, some skins are particularly sensitive to ultra-violet (UV) rays. Contrary to what one might think, fair skin is not the only ones concerned, you can also have dull and very fragile skin. To prevent painful sunburn or the onset of summer light eruption , good preparation is key.

Finally, preparing your skin for the sun is also essential for mature skin. UV rays are the number one cause of skin aging , and their harmful effects on the skin leave lasting marks in the epidermis. Mature skin being thinner and drier than average, it is essential to prepare yourself well to protect your skin and prevent the appearance of new signs of aging.

A good-looking diet

To prepare your skin for the sun, there's nothing like preparing yourself from within! To optimize your tan and display a radiant complexion , foods with beta-carotene are perfect:carrots, mangoes, apricots, sweet potatoes… bet on color!

For mature skin that wants to limit skin aging , a diet based on antioxidants will limit the production of free radicals. On the menu:strawberries, raspberries, apples, cranberries, or even artichokes and pecans.

For sensitive skin, a diet rich in essential fatty acids will accelerate skin regeneration , and to limit breakage during exhibitions. Fatty fish, eggs, nuts or grapeseed oil are your best allies.

As you will have understood, to tan well this summer, there is nothing like a balanced diet, rich in vitamins and minerals . For those who struggle to diversify their diet and obtain sufficient intake, you can bet on natural food supplements, with plants such as Gardenia or Urucum, perfect for boosting the skin before summer.

Spring cleaning for the skin

During the winter, the skin is warm, under layers of rich care and makeup. Excess food tends to oil the skin and load it with toxins. To prepare the skin for the beautiful season, bet in the spring on a small detoxifying skincare routine !

We put on exfoliating treatments, perfect for cleaning the skin and clearing the way before summer. For those exposed to pollution, or for those who have made some dietary differences during the winter, a detoxifying mask will free the skin from deep-rooted toxins:the skin breathes again, the hydrolipidic film regains its balance and the complexion is unified.

The use of a good scrub and exfoliating care in the spring will eliminate dead cells on the surface, to reveal younger and more lively cells:the guarantee of an even and lasting tan.

An adapted beauty routine

Between the rays of the sun and the high temperatures, it is necessary to adapt your beauty routine to the summer period. You have to nourish your skin, protect it against the sun, but also against dehydration . In fact, the skin naturally loses hydration throughout the day, through evaporation.

When it is hot and the skin is exposed to UV rays which are particularly aggressive, it can sometimes be dehydrated. Result:tightness, feeling of discomfort, tingling. Every evening, after cleansing your face, apply a deep moisturizer, such as our Age 2 Deep Hydration Cream O. It plumps up the skin, restores its suppleness, and nourishes the hydrolipidic film that protects the epidermis from aggressions.

If a good diet, regular exfoliation, and deep hydration are the key to tanned and healthy skin, it is important not to ignore sun care. Apply every morning an eye cream and a sunscreen lip balm , to protect these particularly sensitive areas.

To make your beauty look easier, we have designed the Flash Protect treatment:a tinted cream to even out the complexion and provide a healthy glow, with sun protection suitable for all skin types.

For makeup, choose a light highlighter. The less material there is, the more your skin will be able to tan. What's more, heat and make-up rarely go together , and the Joker look does not necessarily belong on the beach! Of course, do not forget, before any exposure, to apply sun care in the neck, décolleté, back and shoulders, which are areas easily prone to sunburn.

A reasoned exposition

If the sun has beneficial virtues, they are only so if the exposure is reasoned. In France, UV radiation is most intense between May and August . Throughout this period, applying sunscreen when you go out is essential! Of course, the rest of the year, you have to remain vigilant and think about protecting yourself during sunny days. When the temperatures are cool, we feel less of the effects of the sun... and sunburn can happen quickly!

To tan serenely and expose yourself to the sun without risk, here are some good gestures:

  • Avoid exposure during the hottest hours
  • Wear sunscreen suitable for your skin type
  • Don't forget to apply sunscreen to the face, eye contour and lips
  • Wear sunglasses to protect your vision
  • Protect your head to prevent sunstroke
  • Hydrate regularly
  • Enjoy the moment!