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Emotional cosmetics, and if your cosmetics boosted your well-being

It is well known that the state of the skin varies according to our emotions:stress, annoyance, and the complexion blurs, wrinkles deepen, and imperfections land! What if it was possible to soothe your emotions to improve your well-being and the beauty of your skin? This is the crazy bet of emotional cosmetics. Veld's deciphers this new trend for you.

Care for your skin by playing on your emotions

The skin is a real revealer of our emotions. In times of stress, upset, the level of cortisol (the stress hormone) increases. Depending on the person, this stress manifests itself in different ways on the skin:dark circles, dull complexion, comedones, redness , and other fun. In people prone to skin problems, such as psoriasis, acne or eczema, the increase in cortisol levels can be the source of real crises.

These bad passages for the skin are proof that negative emotions have an impact on the health of the epidermis. If this observation is true in one direction, it is also true in the opposite direction:positive emotions lower cortisol levels and thus have a positive impact on the skin . Several studies have shown that by providing a feeling of well-being, we can soothe the epidermis, make it more supple, more comfortable, and strengthen the hydrolipidic film.

What if smell was the key to our emotions?

Based on this observation, one could ask:how to provide a feeling of well-being using cosmetics? By focusing on the sense of smell! If of course, the texture of cosmetics plays a lot in the feeling of well-being they provide, smell is a particularly sensitive sense in humans . To better understand, it should be remembered that the smell is a molecule that binds to a receptor .

The receiver sends an electrical message to the brain which deciphers it and associates it with a word, an object, a sensation. This is why we sometimes feel nostalgic or happy when we smell a familiar smell. In addition, the sense of smell develops throughout our lives and we do this work of deciphering, then associating smells, continuously.

Thus, emotion cosmetics are based on known and recognized odors (for some scientifically) to soothe stress, lower the heart rate, and provide well-being . If we talked about the receptors activated by odors in the brain, this principle can be pushed even further:the keratinocytes, which constitute 90% of the superficial layer of the skin, would also have olfactory detectors, which would make it possible to play directly on the epidermis, just with the smells. This still recent track is currently being studied and suggests wonderful progress in the field of cosmetology!

New beauty rituals for increased well-being

Emotion cosmetics pushes the limits of well-being care by offering new beauty experiences. Cosmetic treatments now combine textures, scents and active ingredients chosen with care to bring well-being to the application. Cosmetics awaken emotions , and can in this sense become a real relaxation ritual, by causing the release of endorphins, also called pleasure hormones.

The benefit of care is then increased tenfold :not only they provide well-being, but they also treat your beauty issues , reducing the signs of aging, soothing skin problems, or moisturizing the epidermis.

At Veld's, our cosmetologists are constantly researching new active ingredients and processes to offer you exceptional treatments. Thus, emotion cosmetics is a line of research on which we are actively working, and we are proud to announce the release of our emotion cosmetic care:Take care of me!

This body mist has more than one trick up its sleeve:its Betaphroline-based composition triggers endorphin production via keratinocytes, while having slimming properties to reduce fat and cellulite in the affected areas. Betaphroline acts in synergy with our Slimtech'complex, an active ingredient based on caffeine, carnitine and spirulina, used for their lipolytic and restructuring properties. The result is a slimmed and curved silhouette.

To guarantee you a feeling of well-being on application, we have worked on a fragrance with aquatic, floral and sensual notes that stimulates the sense of smell to soothe stress and anxiety . In short, a perfect treatment to feel good in your head, and good in your body!