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How to refine your skin texture?

Having a nice skin texture greatly contributes to the beauty of the complexion. Only here, when you observe your skin, you have the impression of having an irregular skin texture, with a grainy appearance and too visible pores. Wondering how to refine your skin texture? Veld's gives you its skincare tips for smooth skin texture.

Irregular skin texture:what are the causes?

The uneven skin texture is a problem that is found especially in combination to oily skin. Indeed, the overproduction of sebum unbalances the skin, which reacts with irritations, comedones, and blackheads. Also, in some people, this overproduction of sebum is accompanied by an increased reactivity to all external aggressions. Results ? Skin dulled by a grainy skin texture, with dilated pores.

It is, moreover, a phenomenon that increases with age :a study published in the Journal of Dermatologic Science finds that the diameter of the pores doubles between the ages of 25 and 50. In question, the slackening of the skin which distends the pores.

In addition to sagging skin, external factors can contribute to unbalancing the skin and causing uneven skin texture:air pollution, tobacco, an unsuitable skincare routine, the use of comedogenic products.

How to refine your skin texture?

It's decided:no more uneven skin texture, this season, you want to have a smooth skin texture and a radiant complexion! To do this, it is essential to adapt your skincare routine.

Scrupulous hygiene

To refine your skin texture , hygienic care should be carried out with care. However, scrupulous hygiene does not mean that you have to strip your skin, quite the contrary! Combination to oily skin, prone to uneven skin texture, is generally quite sensitive. Cleansers that are too harsh could irritate the skin, which will respond with overproduction of sebum , and thus, you risk creating a vicious circle. In the morning, cleanse your skin gently:a spray of floral water or a short pass with a Konjac sponge is more than enough.

In the evening, on the other hand, be sure to remove make-up from your skin, then cleanse it thoroughly. Bet on a make-up remover and cleansing oil :ideal for eliminating impurities, while respecting the hydrolipidic film of the skin.

Hydration and nutrition:the right level for a smooth skin texture

To have a smooth skin texture, it is necessary to rebalance the hydrolipidic film of the skin . This film, which serves as a barrier to the skin, should normally be made up of water and lipids in equal parts. In skin with an irregular skin texture, it is often unbalanced, with too much lipid intake. Daily hygiene is a first step towards a good skin balance, but the crucial step is indeed hydration.

You have to find a treatment that will hydrate the skin enough to protect it from aggressions, while balancing the production of sebum. Exit therefore too nourishing, too rich care. We focus on lighter formulas, rich in hydration above all, like our Age 2O deep hydration cream. Be careful, each skin is unique, finding the right balance between hydration and nutrition can therefore take time and several tests. Also, depending on the season, it may be necessary to opt for a richer cream in winter , and lighter in summer.

Regulate sebum production

In addition to a good moisturizing routine, you can regulate sebum production using a mask with targeted active ingredients . For example, vegetable charcoal is an ideal active ingredient for refining your skin texture:it eliminates impurities, traps toxins, and absorbs excess sebum. You immediately get a brighter complexion, tightened pores, and a reduction in blemishes.

Ideally, make one face mask per week , either before exfoliation, or if your skin is too sensitive, two days apart. The regularity of the care will be the key to obtain visible results.

Scrub to have a smooth skin texture

The secret way to refine your skin texture in the blink of an eye:face exfoliation! For combination to oily skin, mechanical exfoliation is ideal, with more or less coarse grains, depending on the sensitivity of your skin. Be careful though, if you are prone to acne and your skin has many imperfections, it is better to favor enzymatic scrubs. Indeed, the grains of mechanical scrubs risk opening comedones or reopening lesions, causing lasting scars.

Exfoliate once a week so as not to damage the skin. You can go up to two if you do not use a purifying mask in parallel. Exfoliation should always be done on clean skin, and should be followed by a moisturizer so as not to irritate the epidermis. Veld's tip:apply a targeted serum to tighten pores , before the moisturizer. Your uneven skin texture will soon be history!