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How to apply your night cream?

The night cream

The night is the best time, if not a perfect occasion, to take good care of your skin . During the day, our skin protects us and is under attack from pollution, UV rays, oxidative stress... These multiple attacks from our environment , damage and weaken the skin tissue. It is only during our sleep, far from external aggression , that the skin benefits from a moment of respite . It takes advantage of this time to recharge, regenerate and carry out cell renewal .

We can contribute and assist our skin during this repair process . To this end, we have a type of beauty ritual and treatments available:night creams . Regenerating, anti-aging, detoxifying… there are many on the market, each with its own benefits. The night cream helps support the skin during its cell renewal. Richer than day care, this type of product contains more nourishing, moisturizing and repairing active ingredients. This care is complementary to our daily beauty rituals that support protective barriers skin tissue.

The night cream is not mandatory for young skin. It remains a complement to day care. Also, it is only when approaching your thirties that its adoption is recommended to maintain a radiant complexion . Nevertheless, its use guarantees healthier, refreshed and luminous skin. It also prevents the appearance of wrinkles if its main active ingredient is of the antioxidant type. For our beauty routine this month, we recommend the Défi Forme natural night cream. Enriched with shea butter and mallow extract, this treatment nourishes and detoxifies the skin for a radiant complexion when you wake up.

Instructions for use

The night cream has its small requirements to benefit from all its repairing benefits . Here are some basics to unlock the full potential of your night care.

#1 Choose the right product

Like all cosmetic treatments, the night cream must be adapted to the needs of our skin . This product is dedicated to supporting the skin during its regeneration, so it is with a restorative vocation . However, it can have more targeted actions:anti-aging, moisturizing, nourishing, detoxifying, soothing, regularizing, healing... It is essential to determine the needs of our skin to provide him with the adequate treatment.

#2 Thoroughly cleanse your skin

Every evening, the make-up removal ritual is essential. And this, to rid the skin of all accumulated impurities during the day. Make-up removal is all the more essential if we intend to use night cream. On perfectly cleansed skin, the product can penetrate the epidermis more easily for better effectiveness .

#3 Apply the right dose

A dab of night cream should be enough for our evening beauty ritual. It applies evenly all over the face and neck. The eye contour does not count during the application, for this area, specific care is required. You will find all our advice on this subject in our article on how to apply your eye contour care.

#4 Perform a small massage

When applying the night cream, we can proceed with a light massage to increase the effectiveness of the treatment . This will allow the product to penetrate the epidermis more easily while stimulating circulation. A few pressures on the muscles to relax them is enough.