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How to choose your moisturizing day cream?

The choice of your day cream is a question that arises very quickly. And it is clear that it is not always easy to find the best moisturizer for your skin on the first try. How to choose your day cream without making a mistake? What criteria should be taken into account? Veld's explains everything you need to find the ideal moisturizer in 4 steps.

Moisturizing cream:by the way, what is it for?

Before you ask yourself how to choose a face cream , are you up to date on what you can legitimately expect from this essential cosmetic? Little reminder!

The role of the day cream is to limit the natural loss of water from your skin by evaporation. And to do this, there are not 36 solutions:you have to strengthen the "fat" part of your hydrolipidic film. It is indeed what prevents water from passing (you know that oil and water get along like dog and cat!) Moisturizing your skin thus helps to maintain young-looking skin and bounced longer.

But it doesn't stop there! Today, the moisturizing cream includes ingredients that target a multitude of skin types and skin concerns :active ingredients for mature skin, acne, hyperpigmentation, slackening, loss of density, etc. Not to mention its textures. This is also why it is so difficult to determine how to choose your cream .

1. The essential criterion for choosing your day cream:your needs

Do you know your skin type? It's a good start. But we advise you to go further to choose a moisturizer adapted to your needs . Look at your skin in the mirror:what do you see? And above all, what is your main beauty concern? ?

  • marks of dehydration or dryness?
  • pimples, blackheads and dilated pores?
  • shiny?
  • wrinkles showing the tip of their nose?
  • Redness and exacerbated sensitivity?
  • a dull, waxy complexion?

This first step will help you isolate the properties to look for in your day cream :purifying, anti-aging, soothing, mattifying, radiance booster, protective, etc. Our advice:redo this diagnosis at each change of season.

2. How to choose your day cream? Thanks to its texture!

Contrary to popular belief, choosing the texture of a moisturizer is not just a matter of sensory experience.

  • Lightweight (fluid):it is recommended for combination to oily skin prone to shine that do not have very high nutrient needs. This texture is also very popular as a make-up base.
  • Classic (cream):a dosage neither too light nor too heavy will suit normal skin .
  • Rich (balm or water-in-oil type emulsion):textures with high covering power are ideal for dry skin or mature skin . They are very effective in protecting epidermis whose hydrolipidic film is altered.

Our hydration star at Veld's is the Pure Pulp Neo. A true beauty-restoring gel, it hydrates the skin without clogging its pores while lifting and plumping its features. Most skin types can be used as a daily moisturizer . Do you have particularly dry or dehydrated skin? Use it as a face serum and pair it with a richer cream.

3. Lifestyle:too often overlooked

Many women who wonder how to choose a face cream are limited to small flaws in their skin. It's forgetting that your lifestyle has an impact determinant on the beauty and youthfulness of your epidermis. Moisturize your skin well on a daily basis and identify the best day cream imperatively requires an analysis of your environment.

  • Do you live in town? Opt for a cream with antioxidants to prevent the harmful effects of pollution.
  • Are you often outdoors or in the sun? Turn to a moisturizer with integrated sun protection .
  • Are you in a windy area? Prefer a rich enough cream to limit water stress and keep skin soft.
  • Are you in a hurry? Look for a tinted cream to hydrate and benefit from an instant healthy glow effect.

4. Check that your cream is right for you

Now that we know how to choose your cream... it's time to make sure our efforts have paid off! Several signals are not wrong and will help you quickly determine if your skin appreciates its new day cream .

  • Immediately after application, your skin should feel plump and comfortable . If it tugs at you during the day, your day cream is not moisturizing enough. Conversely, if it makes you shine quickly, you will have to look for a lighter emulsion.
  • You have sensitive skin ? Check that your cosmetic does not give you irritation or redness in the face.
  • You will be able to see the first long-term effects after 28 days of regular application . This duration corresponds to cell renewal. See if these results convince you and do not hesitate to persevere before you start looking for a better moisturizer.