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All about freckles

Unsightly mark for some, charming asset for others, freckles never leave you indifferent! One thing is certain:today, they are more than ever in trend. Whether you want to fade, enhance or even create your freckles, Veld's deciphers for you the good gestures to adopt on a daily basis.

Freckles:what are they?

Short definition of “ephelides”

In the jargon, freckles are called "ephelides ". Although the first term is more common, remember that they have nothing to do with the famous brown spots, nor with lentigines or moles.

Ephelides are tiny flat spots (or macules) of brown to orange color found on the skin of the face and body. They are due to a constituent of melanin naturally produced by the skin under the action of UV rays:phaeomelanin .

In case of sun exposure , most skins defend themselves by producing eumelanin. It is she who is at the origin of their tanned complexion. But some skin only produces a majority of phaeomelanin which will clump together in “packages”:the famous freckles ! It is therefore above all a mechanism for protecting the skin against solar radiation . It is also for this reason that freckles are ubiquitous on exposed areas (nose, cheeks, décolleté, etc.).

The skin concerned

Contrary to what their name suggests, freckles do not appear exclusively in redheads . Although the latter are the most affected, all milky skin tones exhibited there.

Note that there is an important genetic factor Things to consider:If either parent carries the light-skinned gene, regardless of your hair color, you are likely to develop summer freckles. This is how we sometimes observe freckles on a fair-skinned brunette .

Overall, it is considered that the phototypes likely to develop freckles are the following:

  • Phototype 1:very pale skin, red hair, light eyes.
  • Phototype 2:very light skin tone, blond hair, light eyes.
  • Phototype 3:fair skin, blond to brown hair, light eyes.

How to take care of fair skin with freckles?

Twice as hydrated

It's a fact:freckles affect fair skin, even downright very pale. However, these complexions have an annoying tendency to be thin and fragile skins, at least more than the others. As a result, they are overexposed to dehydration and dryness . The gesture that changes everything? Moisturize your skin daily, morning and evening.

At Veld's, we love Pure Pulp Neo for its triple moisturizing, lifting and plumping action . Formulated without silicone to let the skin breathe, it wonderfully moisturizes all skin types with a very pleasant fresh effect. It is your ally to fill up with moisturizing and repairing active ingredients during sunny days. In the evening, do not hesitate to combine it with a night cream.

Freckles and the sun:focus on protection

You will have understood:freckles and sun do not mix . Skin with freckles is very sensitive to ultraviolet rays and skin cancer. It is therefore essential to protect yourself with a broad spectrum SPF50 type sunscreen . This will allow you not only to prevent the intensification of the pigmentation of your freckles, but also to avoid premature skin aging.

Contrary to popular belief, you don't take out your sunscreen exclusively during your beach vacation. Especially if you have freckles. It's every day you have to act, summer and winter – even on cloudy days.

Freckles:how to remove them?

Do your freckles make you complex? Unfortunately, it is not always easy to fight Mother Nature. If you are redheaded, your freckles will follow you all your life . On the other hand, freckles on a brunette or a blonde diminish in winter . Normal, sun exposure is less at this time of year!

There is therefore no “magic wand cosmetic” to get rid of freckles. During the day, however, you can cheat by applying a high-coverage foundation . If necessary, ask your dermatologist for a laser treatment . Keep in mind, however, that it will simply blur them to unify your complexion.

Ephelides and make-up:sublimate… and cheat!

Highlight your redhead complexion

To get the most out of your freckles, keep your hand light on complexion make-up.

Choose second-skin effect formulas and complete with a more covering concealer on the eye contour or your imperfections. Finish with a touch of bronzer or coral blush :it's the perfect color to make them stand out beautifully.

How to make freckles with coffee?

Want to treat yourself and display freckles for an evening ? All you have to do is open your kitchen cupboards and follow the following protocol:

  • Mix instant coffee with a little water:the mixture should be liquid.
  • Dip a toothbrush in the mixture.
  • Position the brush in front of your face and, using your thumb, stroke the bristles against the grain to project fine droplets on your nose and cheeks.
  • Let dry for a few seconds.
  • Pass a large powder brush over the freckles thus obtained for a more natural result.

Semi-permanent freckles

Ephelides in tattoo? Yes it's possible ! Freckles in semi-permanent makeup are a radical alternative for those who dream of displaying a Penelope Cruz complexion. This technique is called "freckling". .

Think carefully before taking the plunge:you have about a year. Otherwise, you can always try the experiment with a ordinary fine-tipped eyebrow marker !