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How to keep your tan naturally

How to keep your tan naturally

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If the tan appears quickly in some people, it may also fade at the same speed…

The holidays are already just a good memory and you want this tanned complexion to last as long as possible?
Discover all our tips to prolong your tan as much as possible , whether at the face or at the level of the body .

A scrub for the body and face

The idea that exfoliating will remove the tan is wrong. On the contrary, it refine skin texture , eliminates the layer of dead cells making the complexion a little dull and above all, revives the radiance of the tan . So, when you return from vacation, don't hesitate to treat yourself to a scrub like the Océane body scrub from the Laboratoires de Biarritz brand. For the face, opt for the Musaclean Organic Green Banana Peeling Mask from the Kadalys brand.

Proper hydration of the skin

The secret to a tan that lasts also includes moisturizing your skin .

As a result, peeling skin and tightness are avoided.

For the face , we recommend that you use a serum full of moisturizing active ingredients like glycerin or aloe vera.

For the body, you can use a body milk , abalm or a butter .

For areas that are very dry and sensitized by the sun, you can use raw shea butter which will heal and repair the skin .

Choose raw, unrefined and unheated shea butter, which will have retained all its properties unlike a refined shea butter.

How to keep your tan naturally How to keep your tan naturally

Whether for the face or for the body, you can also use carotenoid-rich vegetable oils , a molecule that boosts melanin synthesis and thus, keep the tan.

Naturally moisturizing and softening s, they quickly penetrate the skin and preserve its tan for a guaranteed healthy glow effect !

Makeup and glitter are in order!

If you want to intensify your tan , makeup is ideal , especially bronzers!
These are to be applied either with a brush or added to your day care:serum, cream...

For a moisturizing and protective care , opt for the CC Cream like that of the Mádara brand.
It is perfectly adapted to enhance the complexion and protect against pollution.

Finally, if you want to illuminate your skin with a thousand glitter , use glitter oil containing golden micas.
This one will nourish your skin and enhance your tan .

For the face, we love The Impossible Glow from Pai Skincare. On the body side, let yourself be carried away by the summer smell of Huile des Îles La Canopée! It brings a subtle satin side that makes all the difference.

How to keep your tan naturally

And in internal routine...

We advise you to continue your routine of food supplements, if you had one for the sun in particular.

Also, we often forget it but consuming foods rich in beta-carotene helps to best preserve our natural tan. We then favor carrots, tomatoes, melon, apricots, mangos, sweet potatoes... and others to keep a beautiful tanned complexion for as long as possible;)