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Extend your tan naturally

Without ever forgetting that prolonged exposure to the sun remains dangerous, we always appreciate having a nice tan. We appreciate even more to be able to keep it. Here are some tips to enhance your tan and prolong it naturally.

Erase your skin

Exfoliation is often thought to erase the tan. It's wrong. Exfoliating your skin eliminates dead skin and therefore maintains your tan longer.
There are wonderful French and organic scrubs, you can also make your own scrub with natural products. It's cheap and more eco-friendly! Coffee grounds, for example, are a great exfoliator. Would you like to try? In a bowl, mix one tablespoon of coffee grounds with one tablespoon of vegetable oil. Massage your skin gently and rinse.

We hydrate your skin

To keep a nice caramel hue, we focus above all on hydration; nourish the epidermis from the outside as well as from the inside. By drinking plenty of water first, with about 1.5 L per day. Also, by daily using a precious oil that pampers your skin such as coconut, argan or jojoba oil. Just as gentle on the skin, shea butter and aloe vera are particularly nourishing. In the last Belle au Naturel box, we discovered Ylaé's organic coconut monoi oil which smells deliciously of monoi and quickly hydrates the skin.

We abuse beta-Carotene

Beta-carotene is a plant pigment found mainly in vegetables and which allows the synthesis of vitamin A. Antioxidant and anti-free radicals, beta-carotene acts on the skin for a healthy glow effect.
At the top of the foods richest in beta-carotene:raw carrots. Cooked, it loses more than half of its beta-carotene content, so we prefer its raw consumption. To keep your pretty summer complexion, don't skimp on pumpkin, sweet potato and its leaves, apricot, melon, fresh parsley or, less well known, dandelion.

We wish you a good summer