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Relieve irritated skin naturally

Even if summer is indeed here and our skin is a little less abused than in winter, the fact remains that sometimes the latter reveals unpleasant itching, the fault of untimely shaving, too long exposures to the sun but also to the friction of our skin against the skin (like the inner thighs). In short, you will understand, even in summer, you have to take care of your skin and hydrate it well.

However, don't panic today, I've decided to be generous and share some natural tips to help you relieve your irritated skin.

First, get rid of your bad habits!

For starters don't take too much bath! And yes, even if it relaxes you, know that taking too much bath eliminates the protective layers of your skin, which has the effect of promoting the elimination of water. Prefer the showers! In addition, prefer cold saponified soaps which will moisturize your skin at the same time as it cleans it.

In summer, we like to enjoy long swims, swimming pools, it's true, it's so pleasant especially in case of strong heat! You are indeed right to take advantage of it, but don't forget to hydrate yourself when you get out of the water, such as with Exsens coconut and shea body oil.

And finally do not expose yourself to the sun without protection. We can never tell you enough, protect your skin from the sun's rays!

Little natural tips

Aloe vera gel

Indeed it is known to relieve many skin problems, and it is also very effective in relieving irritated skin. Its refreshing action reduces inflammation and soothes redness of the skin.
For this 2 solutions are available to you, use the plant itself by cutting a piece of aloe leaf, and placing it vertically in a glass in the fridge. Wait a good 20 minutes then extract the gel that you can apply directly to the irritated area. Or, use ready-made aloe vera gel


Chamomile tea, hot or cold, effectively soothes irritated skin. For this, make a classic chamomile infusion with which you will soak cotton balls. Apply them as compresses to irritated areas of your skin.


Its fatty acids have a very calming action on irritated skin when applied locally. To do this, simply make a compress by soaking a cloth in a bowl containing cold milk. Then apply directly to the skin. And to attract and keep more hydration you can add honey. In addition, honey is antibacterial and antifungal, which will fight the microbes that attack the skin and harm its radiance.

Coconut oil

Known for its moisturizing and regenerating properties, this oil is also antibacterial, antifungal and has antiviral properties. To use the pure and unrefined.

green tea

Drinking green tea or even applying it to the skin will protect you against UV. In addition ml green tea applied to the skin is also recognized for skin that suffers from rosacea, acne or eczema.

Have a nice summer ladies and stay beautiful naturally!

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