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How to relieve a sunburn?

The skin is the shield against external aggressions. Excessive exposure to the sun, sometimes helped by the application of a sensitive product that does not protect the skin – monoï, oils ,cream ... – can cause sunburn and burn?


The structure of the skin is made up of the hypodermis, closest to the bones, the dermis protecting the nerve fibers and the epidermis, the layer most in contact with the skin. 'outside. Sunburn can be avoided by applying a protective face and body sun balm. Nevertheless, a first exposure to the sun or prolonged exposure, even with a protective spray, can lead to sunburn. This degrades the skin tissues, more or less deeply and accelerates the aging of the skin.

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High protection SPF 50 sun spray ACORELLE


A burn on the 1 st degree recovers within a few days. To relieve and support this healing, organic and natural cosmetics can be favorable. Some natural active ingredients are ideal such as aloe vera gel regenerating, anti-inflammatory, coconut oil soothing, organic honey relieving, bicarbonate of soda compresses !


An after-sun treatment restores and soothes the skin and makes the tan last.

We then opt for the after-sun repair fluid ACORELLE .

Why? It contains coconut oil rich in Vitamin A protecting tissues, soothing and repairing damaged skin. Also, sunflower oil supports the epidermis and olive oil nourishes the skin, fighting against skin aging accelerated by sun exposure.

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