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How to have soft skin?

Having soft skin, we all dream of it. And the good news is that it's not that complicated! Veld's guides you in your quest for rose petal skin:find out how to have soft skin every day and get lots of tips and advice.

To have soft skin, forget about anything that dries out

A gentle skin-oriented lifestyle

Skin as soft as silk is first and foremost healthy skin ! And for that, no mystery:we give pride of place to water and, at the same time, we avoid anything that is likely to reduce the level of hydration of the skin. And this both in her beauty routine and in her lifestyle.

More concretely ? Drink at least 1.5 liters of mineral water per day. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables regularly. And in order not to lose the benefit of your efforts, be careful not to abuse diuretic drinks, including alcohol.

Beauty gestures to adopt

In terms of care, regardless of your skin type, avoid foaming detergents , whose surfactants may upset the integrity of your hydrolipidic film. To have soft skin, turn instead to a cleansing milk or oil:not only does their oily phase perfectly eliminate impurities, but it prevents dehydration preserving the skin barrier.

In the summer, avoid UV and air conditioning as much as possible or, at least, treat your skin accordingly with sunscreens and regular hydration boosts. In winter, protect yourself from the cold of the winter season with rich creams that will act as an anti-dehydration shield on the surface of your skin.

Exfoliation, your express asset for soft, flawless skin

Why exfoliate?

You wonder how to have soft and smooth skin in a jiffy ? Think about scrubbing! This simple and effective ritual eliminates all the impurities and dead cells that accumulate on the surface of the skin and suffocate the pores.

Once rid of these undesirables, the epidermis accelerates its turnover and brings young and dapper cells to the surface of the skin. This is the famous "new skin" effect, and it is to it that you owe this irresistible silky touch after exfoliation!

Treat yourself to this beauty gesture once or twice a week to keep your skin smooth and radiant... or just before an exceptional evening, just to catch everyone's eye.

Mechanical or chemical?

Two types of scrubs are available to you:mechanical scrubs (with grains) and chemical scrubs (without grains), also called “peels”. If you don't know which one to choose for soft skin, rest assured:both will allow you to display silky skin .

Instead, choose your exfoliating product according to your skin type:mechanical scrubs are suitable for all skin types, except the most sensitive and those prone to acne, which will feel much more comfortable with an enzyme or acid scrub. fruit.

Soften your skin with the right moisturizers

How to have soft skin with emollients

It is difficult – if not impossible – to have soft skin without going through the hydration box. To moisturize your skin while replenishing it with softness, we are embarking on the trail of emollients in the formulas of its cosmetics. These are more or less fatty substances which soothe, soften and (above all!) soften the skin. They are very common in treatments intended for atopic skin… or for newborns!

So, to find a baby's skin , track vegetable or mineral oils, butters or even lanolin on the labels of your products. The oiliest emollients, called "occlusive", are ideal for the night or the hydration of mature skin with a tendency to dryness. For the day, focus on lighter textures:our Age2O moisturizer is enriched with squalane, a non-comedogenic emollient perfect for softening skin with imperfections.

Down the masks!

Nothing like a good mask to complete your beauty routine. For maximum softness , choose it moisturizing and / or nourishing:in any season, it will give a precious boost to dehydrated skin... but not only! The must ? Apply it after a scrub:your skin will never have been so soft...

Skin without problems of marked dryness and in need of softness will turn to the Age2O moisturizing mask:rich in hyaluronic acid, it deeply quenches the skin.

As for the driest and roughest epidermis, a shock treatment essential:in the evening, after cleansing your skin, apply a thick layer of the anti-wrinkle face balm Age Commando . Leave on for about fifteen minutes, then massage until completely absorbed. The next morning, you'll wake up with peachy skin!