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Smooth skin:how to tighten pores?

In the morning, in front of the mirror, you scrutinize your skin:when you hope to find smooth skin and perfect skin texture, you come across dilated pores. Nothing serious, but when the pores are very large, they can make the skin look dull, give way to blackheads, and quickly become unsightly. Here are Veld's tips for regaining smooth, blemish-free skin!

Why do we have dilated pores?

You have surely noticed it, from one period to another, one can easily go from smooth skin without imperfections, to dull skin with dilated pores. In question ? Our beauty habits and our lifestyles, which influence the condition of the skin.

The pores are small openings in the skin, present throughout the skin tissue, to allow it to evacuate perspiration and sebum . Sometimes they dilate and become very visible, which blurs the complexion and makes it look dull. In addition, dilated pores will tend to evolve into blackheads and imperfections:impurities lodge there more easily and block sebum, which creates inflammation that evolves into comedones.

Several causes can be at the origin of dilated pores:

  • The use of care not adapted to your skin
  • Insufficient make-up removal and/or daily cleansing
  • Wearing comedogenic or overly covering makeup
  • Loss of skin tissue elasticity linked to skin aging
  • A diet that is too rich
  • Consumption of alcohol or tobacco
  • Pollution
  • Stress

To find smooth skin, without imperfections, and a nice skin texture, we have several tips to offer you!

Smooth skin without imperfections:5 secrets to tighten pores

1. Tailor-made cleansing for smooth, pimple-free skin

To have beautiful skin, do not underestimate the cleaning step. Indeed, when the skin is locked under makeup, perspiration, dust, pollution and impurities that settle there throughout the day, it tends to suffocate. This is true during the day, but even more so at night. During your sleep, the skin regenerates, it is its time to breathe and oxygenate. If you don't clean up before going to bed, it won't regenerate properly , and hello dilated pores!

In your evening beauty routine, insist on make-up removal and cleansing. Meticulous make-up removal, followed by cleansing with a foam or gel adapted to your skin type, are two steps you should never skip!

2. Exfoliation for a smooth skin texture

If you have oily skin, it is more likely to develop enlarged pores. This is also true if you are exposed on a daily basis to factors such as pollution, tobacco, or stress. To keep control over your skin and display a smooth and harmonious skin texture, a weekly exfoliation is ideal!

In parallel with your daily beauty routine, give yourself a well-being break once a week:apply a purifying face mask, take the opportunity to make a moisturizing mask for your hair, and relax while you pose.

3. Hydration adapted to your skin type

It is not because you have dilated pores, or oily skin, that you should skip the hydration step. Indeed, combination to oily skin has an excess of sebum, in other words lipids. Balanced skin is skin composed of as much water as lipids, so even oily skin needs hydration.

We are not going to provide it with more fat (goodbye nourishing creams) and bet on a moisturizing cream only. To take care of your skin, our Beauty Restoring Gel Pure Pulp Neo Suitable for all skin types, even oily ones. It is ideal if your dilated pores are linked to skin aging:it will smooth the skin, even out the complexion, redraw the features for a healthy glow effect and an instant youthful boost.

4. Tighten pores with essential oils

If you are looking for a natural solution, know that it is quite possible to tighten your pores with essential oils. Tea Tree oil and Peppermint oil, thanks to their astringent, antibacterial and antiseptic properties, will allow you to find smooth skin without imperfections.

To benefit from their benefits, you can use them as a mask, by combining 2 drops of each oil with green clay, half a lemon juice, and a little water until you obtain a homogeneous paste. Leave on for fifteen minutes before rinsing well.

Attention, the use of essential oils must be done with caution . Although they are natural, essential oils contain powerful active ingredients, which are not suitable for everyone. They are contraindicated in pregnant and breastfeeding women, as well as in children. Be vigilant about dosages and if you suspect an allergic reaction, rinse immediately.

5. Preserving a healthy lifestyle

Beauty and lifestyle are difficult to separate. To have beautiful, smooth and luminous skin, you have to take care of yourself! A regular sleep cycle, good internal and external hydration, and a balanced diet will be your best beauty allies . The practice of sport or meditation can also help those particularly prone to stress or anxiety, to limit their impact on your body and your skin.