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Dark circles and puffiness:how to get rid of them?

You have done your make-up and your hair carefully, you have taken out a top that suits your complexion, but nothing helps, you still look bad! The cause ? Those dark circles and bags under your eyes that just don't seem to want to leave you. Why do we have dark circles and puffiness? How to get rid of it? Here are our tips.

Dark circles and bags under the eyes:the causes

When it comes to dark circles and bags under the eyes, we are not equal. Indeed, several factors can contribute to the appearance of dark circles and puffiness:

  • A genetic predisposition
  • Regular consumption of tobacco and/or alcohol
  • Stress
  • Fatigue

Concretely, dark circles form when the microcirculation is not sufficient. Blood and lymph then stagnate under the eye. Since the skin there is very thin (between 5 to 10 times thinner than the rest of the face), these liquids appear by transparency. In some people, the microcirculation is naturally weak, and dark circles are colored almost permanently. In others, dark circles appear depending on the state of health and lifestyle.

As for puffiness, it can be directly linked to dark circles:stagnant liquids create a relief under the skin, which bulges . In other cases, it is simply the skin that sags with skin aging. Under the eye, the thin skin quickly loses its firmness and “falls off” to create light to very pronounced puffiness.

Dark circles and puffiness:what to do?

Hygiene of life, anti-fatigue beauty routine, adapted care… there are solutions to get rid of puffiness and dark circles!

How to get rid of dark circles?

To reduce dark circles, you can incorporate targeted treatments into your beauty routine . First, in the morning, cleanse your face for a fresh boost. Then apply your moisturizer, without getting too close to the eyes:in fact, the agents contained in face creams can be aggressive for the eye area, or even migrate into the eye for greasy formulas.

Then apply an eye contour treatment, massaging it in :make small circles with your fingertips, then gently stretch the material outwards, before lightly pinching the skin to activate circulation.

For more efficiency, you can put your eye care in the refrigerator:the cold is very effective in decongesting the eye area. At Veld's, our Eye Magic treatments are specially designed for the thin skin around the eyes, while allowing you to act where you need it most:on dark circles and puffiness, on marked wrinkles, on wrinkles and firmness with a lifting formula.

If your wrinkles are naturally very present and this bothers you on a daily basis, lipofilling techniques or the injection of hyaluronic acid can be performed in specialized practices. These radical solutions work wonderfully, but represent a significant cost, and a risk since they involve surgery.

How to reduce bags under the eyes?

To reduce bags under the eyes, the application of an eye contour treatment and massage every morning are also indicated. Do not hesitate to really take the time on the massage, because this is what will help to evacuate the liquids in stagnation, at the origin of the bags. Good make-up removal and daily hydration of the area are also essential to prevent the appearance of more marked puffiness:we want to avoid sagging of the area at all costs!

For some people, for whom bags are part of the genetic heritage, plastic surgery can also be an interesting option. Many practices now offer an operation to remove bags without scars, through the lower eyelid. The operation lasts 20 minutes and the results are final. However, you still have to weigh the pros and cons before getting started.

Natural anti-puffiness and dark circles

Does surgery scare you? There are also natural solutions to prevent and reduce dark circles and puffiness:

  • Apply cornflower water morning and evening, using a compress applied to the eyes for two minutes. To enhance the effectiveness, you can leave the blueberry water in the fridge
  • Sleep, simply:a regular and sufficient sleep cycle will help you eliminate dark circles
  • Stay well hydrated:to activate circulation, nothing beats good daily (internal) hydration:herbal tea, ice tea, sparkling water... You're spoiled for choice!
  • The famous cucumber slices:it sounds cliché, but it is actually very effective. Apply two slices of cucumber to your eyes for 10 minutes (you can take the opportunity to make a moisturizing face mask) and relax. Cucumber is full of water and vitamins, ideal for plumping the eye area!

Makeup:conceal dark circles and puffiness

Despite your good care, dark circles are still a little visible? Make up to conceal dark circles and puffiness:

  • Choose a covering concealer, preferably liquid and fluid to avoid clumps. This is all the more valid if you have pronounced pockets, you should not add too much material on it
  • For those with very dark circles, apply an orange concealer, before applying another concealer in the same color as your skin tone. This will neutralize the purple-black tones
  • Apply your mascara only to the upper lashes, to draw attention to the top of the eyes and not to the bottom, and therefore to bags and dark circles

The rest of your make-up also counts a lot to divert attention from dark circles and puffiness:a pretty even complexion, a touch of pink or orange blush, highlighter and a lipstick that matches your complexion will help immediately to hide your tired face , for a fresh and dynamic look!