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Streaked nails:how to get rid of them?

At a time when the diktat of beauty is more present than ever, a woman's nails are a strong symbol of femininity but also a reflection of her hygiene. a person's life. They therefore deserve that we turn all our attention to them for the time of an article.

Pamper, file, varnish, massage,…everything is good for taking care of our hands. But what about when unsightly lines appear and come to spoil the shape of your nail which until then was so smooth and so perfect. So what is this surprising and somewhat unexpected change?

This is calledridged nails .

The nail being the feminine asset par excellence and wishing to remain "beautiful to the tips of the nails" , we are therefore going to make a complete overview of this little problem that ruins our lives and in the face of which we are sometimes helpless.

Where do ridged nails come from and what care and treatment are there ? We will give you our tricks from grandmothers to eradicate this phenomenon! But first of all, did you know that our nails can say a lot about our health?

What do our nails say?

We often try to read the future by looking into the palms of our hands, but isn't the gold mine simply at our fingertips? Nails say a lot about your health!

The main question people ask is where do these parallel lines come from that are sometimes vertical and sometimes horizontal.

However, some changes in the nail may reflect health concerns and require further attention.

One ​​of the easiest to spot is nail discoloration. If it is abnormally white, it may be a sign of anemia or kidney problems, if it is dark blue, a sign of pulmonary obstruction or breathing problem, and if this is yellow (apart from the result of smoking), it may indicate liver problems or diabetes.

But the nail is not only a reflection of our health. It is also that of our mind and we can see changes in appearance or growth appear when we have suffered from physical or emotional trauma. So stay tuned and don't hesitate to consult a doctor if you have any doubts.

Why do I have ridged nails?


One ​​of skin's greatest enemies is the cold. It is the same for the nails. The cold can quickly make your nails soft and brittle. You may even notice that they split more often in winter.


Nails are 100 times more permeable to water than the outer layer of our skin. This means that in contact with water they swell and then resume their size when they dry. This phenomenon, subject to repetition, can weaken your nails and explain the ridges.

Varnish and removers with acetone

The polishes we use are extremely drying for our nails. It is the same for the solvent which contains acetone and which can sometimes contain formaldehyde resin which is a very powerful allergen and which must absolutely be avoided. Repeated use of nail polish should therefore be avoided. It is better to take regular breaks (one to two weeks) to allow them to breathe.

A bad diet

Nails as they age absorb the nutrients provided by our food less well. This therefore explains why aging is partly responsible for the streaks on the nails. However, certain diets can also lead to lack and sometimes even anemia and will accentuate your concerns with ridged nails.


We know that childbirth and pregnancy cause real upheavals in a woman's body. All these inconveniences are the result of hormones, just like during menopause. The secretion of estrogens will then come to weaken the keratin and at the same time, our precious nails.

A thyroid problem

As we said above, nails can say a lot about our health! There are two kinds of ridges:vertical lines and horizontal lines. Vertical ridges are those that run from the tip of your nail to the cuticle and these are very common with aging. The horizontal ridges run from side to side of your nail. These are the lines of Beauty . These can sometimes be a sign of thyroid dysfunction.

Care and treatment

Hydration is essential!

Pamper your nails fortifying them with a moisturizing lotion several times a day. Be consistent for guaranteed success! Also treat your hands with a hand cream insisting a few more seconds to penetrate the care on the nails and cuticles. You can also, for example, at bedtime, coat your nails with lotion and put on a pair of cotton gloves while you sleep. This will strengthen them and help diminish the unsightly appearance of the ridges already present.

Do some polishing!

Warning, ridged nails left unattended will settle in the long term. They will eventually break or split if you don't care for them quickly. Nothing beats polishing for that! Be brief all the same by passing once or twice, see 3 maximum but not more. Beyond that, the opposite effect could occur. If you don't know how to do it, then go to a salon for a neat and neat job.

The usefulness of an anti-streak base

Some products are specially designed for ridged and stress-damaged nails and go so far as to regulate nail anemia. This is the case, for example, with the Sicilium anti-streak base varnish designed by ECRINAL to smooth and protect the nail.

2-in-1 treatment varnish

Do not hesitate to coat your nails with a transparent protective varnish to strengthen them while waiting for your ridges to disappear.

There are even some 2-in-1 polishes that allow you to apply your color while caring for the nail thanks to a formula enriched with fortifying silica.

100% natural homemade skincare

Mix lemon with olive oil and massage your nails and cuticles.

Repeat the operation several times a month. You will see that your nails will come out stronger and that the streaks will start to fade little by little.

A few tips to prevent ridged nails

  • Beware of manual work or the use of chemicals. Remember to wear gloves and protect your nails to prevent possible damage.
  • Let your nails grow back. Time is your ally.
  • Consider taking vitamins
  • Eat foods rich in iron, zinc and B-12.
  • Don't spend too much time at the nail salon. While many products and treatments can strengthen your nails, some options (like acrylic nails) can weaken and damage your nails.
  • Do not abuse the nail file and if you use one, prefer glass rather than cardboard
  • Don't bite your nails
  • Regularly bathe in lukewarm water or oil
  • Cut your nails after bathing or showering while they are still soft
  • Choose a mild acetone-free nail polish remover

Grandmothers' remedies

  • Bath in olive oil several times a month to strengthen the keratin in your nails
  • Massage your nails with castor oil or sweet almond oil
  • Rub your nails with lemon juice to strengthen them
  • Dip your fingers in warm, salty water
  • When removing your nail polish with your nail polish remover, immediately rinse your hands with water to minimize contact with acetone