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How to use castor oil for hair?

I have been using castor oil a lot lately as a natural beauty remedy for the simple and good reason that it works on my hair and on my eyelashes!

Which castor oil to choose? Why does castor oil make hair grow? Where to buy? I tell you everything!
Years ago, a friend mentioned that she liked castor oil for hair and eyelashes. I was really skeptical because castor oil has a very thick and sticky consistency that I couldn't imagine using for my hair. I did some research and discovered that I had seriously missed a simple and really effective traditional beauty remedy…

What is castor oil… does it really work?

Castor oil is an age-old beauty treatment that has largely been replaced over time by more sophisticated beauty products with more ingredients and better value /price.

Castor oil has natural antibacterial and antifungal properties and is rich in vitamin E, minerals, protein and beneficial omega-6 and -9 fatty acids. Its exceptionally high level of ricinoleic acid makes it beneficial for skin and hair.

In fact, castor oil has traditionally been used to treat acne and other skin conditions, as well as hair loss, rashes and more. If you want to try it for skin care, I recommend this handmade castor oil cleansing blend.

What does castor oil do for hair?

Castor oil can be used on the scalp to help prevent and remedy hair loss and it is effective for several reasons. Its antibacterial and antifungal properties make it beneficial against folliculitis, dandruff and scalp infections, and its ricinoleic acid content helps increase blood circulation in the scalp and improve hair growth.

Ricinoleic acid is also said to help balance the pH of the scalp, which can also help replenish the scalp's natural oils and repair some of the damage caused by aggressive chemicals (particularly coloring). The antioxidants in castor oil also bind the keratin in the hair and help make it stronger, smoother and less frizzy. (illustration via

Why does castor oil make hair grow?

There are hundreds of testimonials of people who have used castor oil to increase their hair growth by 3 to 5 times the normal rate. A friend of mine struggled with hair loss after her pregnancy and even after her hair loss slowed down, it was difficult for her to grow her hair back.

She measured her hair growth for a month and it grew almost 2 cm. The following month, after using castor oil treatments twice a week, her hair had grown almost 6 cm. She tested it again the following month and noticed the same result and her hair was much thicker.

Main benefits of castor oil for hair:

  1. Deeply hydrates hair
  2. Smoother, more supple hair
  3. The roots are nourished
  4. Makes your hair strands thicker
  5. Improves and stimulates the growth of hair follicles
  6. Prevents dandruff and other scalp problems

Which castor oil to choose?

There are several options for castor oil hair treatments. I prefer to make my own, but there are a few options already ready made and this is a good option that I have tried in the past.

How to make castor oil at home – DIY

To make my own DIY castor oil , I mix castor oil with another healthy hair oil (jojoba or argan) as well as herbs to help support scalp health. Unrefined, cold-pressed castor oil is preferred.

Castor oil is extremely thick and viscous, so I prefer to mix it with jojoba or argan oil in a glass dropper bottle for a easy application.

The recipe for a DIY castor oil:

Finding the best combination of oils will take some experimentation, here is the blend I experimented for you that works.

  • 3 tablespoons castor oil
  • 1 tablespoon of jojoba or argan oil
  1. Mix ingredients in a dropper bottle.
  2. Shake to mix.
  3. Use dropper to apply to scalp
  4. I comb my hair first and then add a few drops of castor oil, little by little.
  5. Then I massage for 5 minutes to make sure the entire scalp is covered and to help increase blood circulation.

Jamaican Black Castor Oil

There is a special type of castor oil called black castor oil that has very good reviews. I tried it and it seems to have the same benefits as regular castor oil on my hair, but it seems to have an added benefit for thick or dry hair (which I don't).

How to use castor oil on hair

Castor oil, how much?

Castor oil can be very beneficial for hair growth if used correctly. Small amounts of regular oil can be used for a complete treatment. Like many things in life, "less is more", and only a few drops are needed per treatment. Additional oils are completely optional.

Castor oil how often?

I personally use this castor oil 1-2 times a week. It can be used more often, although I haven't seen an increase in results using it daily.

How to use it?

I have found that this treatment works best on damp but not wet hair. I keep a spray bottle of water in the bathroom and mist my roots before application.

For maximum benefit, I leave the treatment in place for several hours or overnight. After application, I use a shower cap or towel to avoid getting the oil on furniture or a pillow.

How to rinse castor oil from hair?

Removing castor oil can be tricky, especially with natural shampoos. I have found that using a small amount and leaving it on overnight will absorb most of the oil in the hair and make cleanup easier. In fact, I was able to use dry shampoo and not wash a few times. When I shampoo, I use natural shampoo or mud shampoo as usual.

To rinse castor oil easily Here's another way:crack an egg and whisk it until smooth, then massage the egg into the scalp. This helps break down the oil and adds extra nutrients to the hair. It's messy, so I recommend doing it in the shower.

Another less messy way is to condition your hair before you get in the shower, massaging the conditioner into the scalp to help remove castor oil. Then, shampoo as usual.

Additional tips

With any new oil or product, test a small amount on the inside of your arm to make sure you don't have any allergies. Although reactions are rare, some people will notice irritation from castor oil.

I have also used this product in combination with my hair growth serum with great results. (I use the serum first to wet the hair, then I apply the castor oil).

In case of hair loss, it is also important to talk to your doctor, as it may be a sign of an internal problem.

Castor oil for eyelashes

Castor oil can be very beneficial for eyelashes as well. Here is my little recipe:I rub a small amount of castor oil on my eyelids at night to promote eyelash growth. It is also part of my eyelash growth serum recipe.

Here too, be careful not to be allergic, it's very important.

It even seems that castor oil is beneficial for the nails:dead skin around the nails, dry cuticles or streaked nails... so why deprive yourself of it!

Castor oil for the beard

Castor oil is also widely used by men for their beards, here are the main benefits:

  1. Fills in bald spots and unifies the beard.
  2. Gives a fuller, denser beard.
  3. Effective in regenerating and regrowing damaged beard hair.
  4. Glow your beard
  5. The skin under the beard is hydrated and regenerated
  6. Stimulates blood flow and circulation. It promotes beard growth

Castor oil my opinion, my conclusion

Last year, when I was under extreme stress for a short period of time, I noticed increased hair loss.
To combat against this, I experimented with natural castor oil treatments, alone or mixed with other oils. I too noticed that my hair felt stronger and there was definitely less hair in my brush each day after a few weeks of castor oil treatments. In addition, I started to see new little regrowth… So yes I will tell you to take the test!