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The 10 Best Makeup Trends Fall Winter 2018 – 2019

Back in pictures on Fashion Week about makeup trends for this Winter 2018 – 2019 . We are going through a real identity crisis, makeup codes have completely changed and designers are daring with ultra assertive styles.

Does "Drama Style" mean anything to you?
Winter 2018-2019 makeup trends were not lacking in visual variety and personality. The range of looks extended from ultra nude and neutral make-up to neon and rainbow color palettes!

Some makeup trends even combined unlikely colors like blues mixed with bright oranges coupled with a nude base for the most understated lips. These unexpected combinations of colors demonstrated a real desire to break codes, play with contrasts and even reject traditions.

So quickly, read on! the fall/winter 2018-2019 make-up trends are full of surprises, puzzles and spectacle!

2018-2019 eye makeup trends

Black eyeliner

Since the days of Cleopatra, black eyeliner, or kohl, if you prefer, has always been a staple in the beauty world. The black eyeliner is the red lipstick of the eyes, a great must-have that comes back into fashion regularly.

For the fall/winter 2018-2019 makeup trends, black eyeliner was able to express its full palette of shades.

Some designers used a simple line to define the eyes in the most subtle of looks, while others painted the eyes with thick strokes. From gel to pencil, all textures were possible, as long as they were deep black.

But black eyeliner doesn't have to be aggressive or seductive, it can be very delicate, like Phillip Lim's for example.

At Christian Dior, the liner was thick and deliberate. At Sonia Rykiel, the kohl was dark and the effect was ultra glamorous.

Fashion show:Alberta Ferretti and Antonio Marras. Photo:MAC

50 shades of blue

Blue leads the pack when it comes to the color spectrum for these 2018-2019 trends. No wonder blue is dynamic, mysterious, enigmatic. It can be airy and pastel or deep. Blue truly knows no bounds.

Perhaps it was this fluidity and depth of character that made designers seek out color for Winter 2018 makeup trends.

At the editorial office, we loved the blue mascara by Dries Van Noten and Area, where the bright shade stood out very well on bare skin with little makeup. At Prada, "glam rock" cat eyes are dressed in bright blue, bordering on "neon".

At Elie Saab, several shades of blue were used, we particularly liked the turquoise eyeliner! As for Tibi's blue eyeliner, it was sparkling and strong in character!

Elie Saab

Pop color eyeshadow and eyeliner

For women who like to experiment with color but are hesitant to fully commit, go for it, the trend is definitely here! For the Fall Winter 2018 – 2019 makeup trends, designers and makeup artists have dared to look with unexpected, ultra pop touches of color.

Autumn and winter are usually more classic seasons, with shades of beige and ocher colors. Why not bring back some liveliness and exuberance?

At Christian Dior, sunflower yellow eyeliner and mascara created an exuberant and original effect. At Dries Van Noten, a mint green shade combined with spider-like lashes was so surprising!

We are not very far from the pop look of the 80s, are we?

Fendi/ Mugler/ Ungaro/ Jeremy Scott

The multicolored

For the fall/winter 2018-2019 makeup trends, the designers played with the entire palette, creating innovative and painterly color harmonies.

We loved Prada's pastel look. It was innovative and experimental at the same time, as if a disco queen had just met a beautiful Alien. Anna Sui's bright purple and dark magenta eyeshadow, meanwhile, was fit for a mythological goddess.

Sies Marjan/ Area/ Fendi

Abstract eyeliner for an arty look

This season the Eyeliner is applied outside the lines, in the United States it is called "Freestyle eyeliner". A trend very inspired by the Arty movement which dares originality, freedom of movement and art.

At Emporio Armani, shades of forest green combined with unusual shapes create an almost tribal look.

Jeremy Scott receives Fashion Week's most innovative (and most Instagrammed) look award. The yellow and blue three-dimensional eyes were both kitsch and futuristic.

Eudon Choi/ Kenzo/ Louis Vuitton/ No. 21

The line of silver pencil inside the eye and metallic eyeshadow

This is one of our favorite makeup trends. Silver evokes metal, the moon, the stars... For the fall/winter 2018-2019 makeup trends, silver has found its place in the inner corners of the eye, where it promotes a deep and enigmatic gaze.

At Emporio Armani, deep silver is combined with black and intense green for a forest nymph effect.

At Fendi, the silver accents were more discreet and the line faded, as for Tom Ford, the silver line came in several shades, from the lightest to the deepest.

Pink colored eyeliners and eye shadows

Pink is exuberant and flawlessly feminine. Pink is a dynamic hue and it is rarely given this credit. Whether you have brown or blue eyes or whatever, pink can enhance any eye color.

At Marni, a delicate "baby pink" eyeshadow was paired with bare skin. Prada experimented with fuchsia and rhinestones. At Christian Siriano, pink was applied in eye shadow.

This year, on the catwalks, pink was very present on the lips as well. We particularly liked the candy pink lip models at Dolce &Gabbana.

Glitter or pearl eyeshadow

Glitters can brighten up simple makeup and are an easy way to turn a daytime look into an evening look.

At Ashish, Etro, Kate Spade, Milly or even Marc Jacobs, the eyelids sparkled with a thousand lights!

Ungaro/ Kate Spade/ Milly

Color mascara

We loved colored mascara this season because it has the double quality of being both ultra-original and sophisticated, bordering on artistic. It reminds us of the colored mascara we bought in the 90s when we were children, the good old days!

We loved the electric blue at Area, and the ombre-mascara harmony at Christian Dior. At Concept Korea, the models came down with white false eyelashes, totally unexpected! At Dries Van Noten, a daring royal blue mascara gave models a magnetic gaze.

2018-2019 makeup trends:natural and nude complexion

Pink cheekbones for a modern "Baby Doll" look.

Forget the deep summer bronze blush or the too-dark terracotta,the Winter 2018 2019 makeup trends are very subtle . In keeping with the "nature" spirit of the season, the designers have gently warmed up the models' faces with fresh and light blush tones.

At the editorial office, we loved the various ways in which the blush was worked on this year. In some cases, blush was used instead of contouring and applied to the hollows of the cheeks and the temple. In other instances, it was applied high up on the cheekbones, extending to the brow bone.

At Prabal Gurung, pink blush helped models look radiant and feminine. At Stella Jean, the porcelain-effect skin was warmed up with a shade of doll-pink blush.

At Vivetta, the blush was a deep pink. At Balmain, a fresh look was combined with a small dose of peach-colored blush.

Camen Marc Valvo/ Vivetta/ Alexander Wang

The pale and ultra-natural complexion

This season, the models proudly sported their natural skin tones, with foundation colors toned with their natural skin tone. This is called nude makeup.

At Givenchy, "porcelain" skin was given a soft pop of color in the form of a baby pink blush. At Alexander Wang, pale skin was in the spotlight, so much more sophisticated than skin ruined by foundations that are too dark.

At Simone Rocha, J.W Anderson, or even Marc Jacobs, pale skin was de rigueur:naturalness above all!

No makeup!

Minimalism in force! The no-makeup look was all the rage on the catwalks this year.

At Gucci, the models sported monobrows and nude skin, a very raw look inspired by Woodstock. Michael Kors brought out his models with dirty hair and makeup-free skin, creating an almost teenage silhouette. It served as an interesting backdrop to clothing, meanwhile, glamorous and intricate.

Lipstick trends for winter 2018-2019

Lipstick in the hollow of the mouth / bitten lip effect

This season the lipstick is not applied all over the mouth, but in the form of small spots in the middle of the mouth. A look reminiscent of that of geishas, ​​but revisited in a modern way.

At Richard Malone, Miu Miu or Zadig &Voltaire, this trend has taken over the catwalks, often in burgundy, burgundy or plum.

The comeback of gloss

Slightly glossy, delicately glossy lips are one of this year's hottest trends. Forget the ultra-shiny glosses, and prefer a subtle shimmer.

Very often the colors are intended to be neutral:beige, powder pink etc... and, in some cases, completely colorless.

Lipstick colors for Fall Winter 2018-2019

There are 5 big trends in terms of lipstick colors:

  • Lipsticks in burgundy, wine red, and crimson red.
  • Nude or slightly "pink" lipsticks (presumably tone on tone with the true color of the mouth)
  • The bright red color (the authentic vermilion)
  • Pop and unexpected colors like bright pink or Klein blue.