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Fashion trends fall 2018

Fall is just around the corner, so it's time to update your wardrobe for the upcoming fall season. But which must-haves should be in your wardrobe in the fall of 2018. What are the current fashion trends in outdoor fashion that you should not miss in 2018? Below we have collected a top three autumn clothing for outdoors that should not be missing in your clothing stock this fall!

1. Down jacket
A down jacket will do well every year, both in winter and autumn. This coat definitely belongs in the list of fashion trends for autumn 2018. Down jackets are an ideal and irreplaceable piece of clothing for fashion-conscious and contemporary women. When the sun shines in autumn, it often looks pleasant. But appearances are deceiving! The bleak winds and rain in autumn are often misleading. You will be sick, snotty and cold in no time if you don't wear good warm outdoor clothing. A comfortable down jacket from a supplier such as Antrekk is a real solution. The advantage of nice warm oversized coats is that you can wear them for months. And that you know for sure that as a woman you look stylish and fashion-conscious. In autumn, winter and the beginning of spring, these jackets make the difference in terms of appearance and comfort!

Fashion trends fall 2018
Figure 1:Antrekk down jackets.
2. Thermal underwear
Women who love outdoor sports cannot do without thermal underwear this autumn. Thermo briefs are wonderfully warm and keep your muscles flexible during outdoor sports in cold temperatures. What could be nicer than skiing, mountain biking or running in the fall, while your lower body stays nice and warm, which prevents muscle soreness? That's what thermal underwear, thermal leggings and thermal briefs do for sporty ladies. The beauty of this type of clothing is that they are not only comfortable and provide warmth, but also provide a good balance of heat and moisture regulation. Thermal clothing is designed to keep the wearer warm and hygienically fresh at the same time.

Fashion trends fall 2018
Figure 2:Thermo underwear from Antrekk.
3. Merino wool
Warm clothes made of merino fabric should not be missing in the collection of the modern woman this autumn either. Woolen garments made of merino are very popular in the world of outdoor sports because of the unique characteristics that t-shirts, underwear and jackets have with this fabric. This fabric is able to maintain the temperature of the body well, but without overheating. Merino wool is well able to dissipate body moisture (sweat). In fact, merino wool is superior in softness to all other types of wool. So make sure you have merino wool products in your wardrobe this fall!