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Glasses fashion 2017 – glasses trends 2017

In this article you will find the eyewear fashion 2017 – eyewear trends 2017 in a row. Glasses are hip in 2017. Do you wear glasses? Looking for a fashionable glasses frame? Then see what the trend for glasses will be in 2017. Glasses for him and her, according to the latest trend.

Glasses are trendy

Glasses have been quite trendy for a while and that also applies to 2017. This is reflected in the new eyewear fashion. The trend this year is oversized (mega-sized) glasses, colored glasses, in short:with glasses you are completely hip and trendy in 2017.

Clear glasses frame

Are you looking for a striking spectacle frame? Then this 2017 eyewear trend is really something for you. This year you opt for a transparent frame. Since the glasses are also transparent, you have completely transparent glasses. Very special, but definitely worth a try.

Cateye glasses

These glasses were already popular in the 50s and 60s and have been making a real comeback for a few years now. The eyewear fashion 2017 shows striking cateye glasses in the most diverse colors. Do you opt for striking red or do you prefer elegant black? In any case, you have a wide choice in the 2017 collection of glasses, which can be completely tailored to your taste and style.

Round cateye glasses

A twist has been given to the aforementioned eyewear trend in which cateye glasses with their stylish shape play a leading role. The slightly more feminine and practical round cateye glasses. Real eye-catchers and ideal for people who want to combine traditional with a more fresh look. Love it or not, the cateye trend will remain hot for now.

Tortoiseshell (tortoise) glasses frame

Many celebrities have already preceded you and now you can also opt for the eyewear fashion 2017:the tortoiseshell (in English:tortoise) frame. The particularly trendy design of the glasses frame stands out due to its youthful appearance. Thanks to the different color shades, it is rightly a real eye-catcher!

Ombre glasses frame

If you really don't like the aforementioned glasses trends 2017 at all, then an ombre glasses frame might be something for you. With an ombre frame is a slightly less striking style, but fits perfectly with various target groups. Whether you want to make a statement or want to stay more in the background, you can really go either way with an ombre frame.

Which style or trend do you opt for after reading the glasses fashion 2017 – glasses of 2017? Cateye or just transparent? Or do you opt for the new round cateye or tortoiseshell glasses frame?