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Playsuits:trends and fashion tips

Combining comfort and aesthetics with a light and refined summer outfit is possible thanks to the shorts jumpsuit . More commonly known as a playsuit, this fashion piece is a must in women's summer dressing.

The playsuit can be worn for all occasions, from casual to chic evening attire.

Ruffles or lace, bustier or with thin straps, the playsuit comes in all its forms. You will find them in flowers, polka dots or stripes and in all the existing colors.

How to wear the jumpsuit this summer ? What are the playsuit models that we love?

Which morphology to wear a playsuit?

The playsuit suits almost all body types. There are a multitude of different cuts of wetsuit shorts. The backless jumpsuit, the bustier jumpsuit, the playsuit with thin straps etc. Each woman will therefore be able to find her happiness among the cut and the color of her choice.

  • If you are petite, the playsuit is made for you. With its short cut, it gives an impression of size and elongates the legs. Opt for wedge heels.
  • If you are plump, a playsuit worn with heels will slim your silhouette. Opt for a model with vertical stripes and avoid large prints.
  • If you're tall, the playsuit will fit you perfectly. To avoid giving a feeling of size, choose models that add volume, such as a ruffled playsuit for example. A-line cuts will be particularly suitable for your morphology.

What to wear with a shorts jumpsuit?

The playsuit for an evening

You can wear a evening playsuit classy and elegant. In this case, it will be necessary to favor shoes with heels or wedge sandals.

Don't forget the accessories:clutches, clutches, handbags, jewelry, etc. It will give style to your outfit.

The playsuit in casual mode

If you wear a summer playsuit in casual mode to go for a walk, just put on a pair of sandals or trendy sneakers.

A pretty floral model or a white jumpsuit for a bohemian look will be perfect to be styled in no time.

You can also opt for a denim playsuit . Denim is the flagship material for casual looks. In addition, the denim playsuit is sufficient on its own. Jeans go well with natural colors. And that's good because this season fashion is green! Cork shoes, straw mules etc…

The playsuit at the office

To wear this fashionable piece at work, choose a structured model with small sleeves, buttoning and a belt. Perfect for a summer working girl look!

The playsuit for a wedding

If you are going to a wedding, you can stand out very easily by opting for a pretty wedding playsuit trendy and chic. It changes from the traditional dress and in addition, you will be very comfortable to move around and dance until the end of the night.

The trend is pastel colors this season. Why not choose a powder pink, nude, water green or chick yellow jumpsuit? Pastel is romantic and soft, so it's a perfect color for a wedding guest outfit.

The flower playsuit are also a great option for a classy event. Be careful, however, to stay on discreet and soft colors.


In summary:

The playsuit is a key piece in summer.

  • We wear it both casually and chicly.
  • To slim the silhouette, wear it with high heels.
  • If you are curvy, opt for trapeze models with vertical lines and wear high heels.
  • If you are tall, be sure to choose a model with volume (prints, ruffles, etc.) in order to break the slender side of your silhouette.
  • The playsuit can also be worn in winter with long sleeves!