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These shoes come from afar that we love!

If we are not sure that the truth is elsewhere, we are on the other hand absolutely sure that elsewhere, there are superb shoes, and it is not not nothing ! Today we invite you to discover some successful, ultra-stylish foreign shoe brands that we will love to wear!

Common Projects shoes

Where did that come from?

First brand we're going to talk about:Common Projects shoes . Created in New York, these pretty shoes offer classic and elegant cuts, very easy to wear every day. We tell you right away a little more about the brand and the style of Common Projects shoes .

The concept and why we like it

The idea behind Common Projects , is to create timeless models of shoes of excellent quality, which you can wear for a long time without ever being out of style . Sleek and very stylish, the Common Projects shoes almost remind us of the Scandinavian decor trend of hygge , and are in line with the "Less is more ". The brand uses high-quality Italian leather for all of its shoes, and each one has a unique serial number.

How to wear them?

You will understand, the Common Projects brand shoe is not difficult to associate. Its classic and sober style allows you to wear it with jeans as well as with a dressier little black dress. The colors are neutral most of the time, with sometimes a colorful and tangy detail that will enhance any look. The other good news is that Common Projects also has a men's collection, just as successful as the women's collection.

Perús shoes

Where did that come from?

If the beautiful Aztec designs have left you nostalgic, you'll love the Perus brand , which offers shoes inspired by Peru!

Ethical and stylish shoes

Not content with making pretty shoes, the Perús brand also made in ethical fashion. These shoes are made in Peru , by skilled craftsmen in family workshops. The manufacturers are paid fairly and work in decent conditions, you will find more information about this on the Perus website. Also to know about Perús shoes :each pair purchased helps finance a day of school for a disadvantaged child in the suburbs of Cuzco.

How to wear them?

In terms of style, Perus clearly displays its Peruvian origins:the traditional patterns are available on low sneakers, tennis cut in suede or running shoes in leather, to choose from. Some pairs are super colorful, while others are more discreet, it's up to you to see what you prefer! Anyway, we advise you to wear your Perus with a rather sober outfit, just to avoid the accumulation of patterns. They will do wonders with a linen jumpsuit for the summer, a bohemian dress, or even simple denim shorts and a little white top .

Red Wing Shoes

Where do they come from?

Red Wing Shoes is an American brand that has worn thousands of feet for more than a century now. Founded in 1905, the brand first specialized in work shoes, with durable, high-quality models for American workers. Today you can find many pairs for the city, inspired by the original safety shoes , and that's good since the Gorpcore trend makes us want to invest in a good pair of off-roaders.

Why do we love it?

We are under the spell of Red Wing Shoes for several reasons, but above all because it is a company committed to a sustainable economy, and which, in fact, offers very high quality shoes. Comfortable, pretty and ultra-solid, what more could you ask for in a shoe?

What to wear them with?

It all depends on the model you choose, but we particularly like the leather ankle boots Red Wing Shoes , which are sleek and elegant. They will be perfect in winter with slim or straight jeans, with a denim skirt and tights, with tailored trousers for the office… The leather ankle boot is, after all, an ultra-easy shoe to wear every day!

Natural World shoes

Where does it come from and what is the concept?

The Natural World shoes are designed and manufactured in Spain, by a team committed to the planet. All models are eco-designed to minimize the environmental impact of their manufacture, and some are vegan.

Why do we love them?

We love Natural World shoes because they take care of our planet first, but also because they are pretty. The brand manages to mix fashion trends and ecology, for our greatest pleasure. Other than that, Natural World has some pretty solid shoes that will keep you going for quite a while, and that's always a good point.

The Natural World style

Overall, the style of Natural World shoes is rather casual . You will find many models, ranging from the espadrille to the tennis, through the slip-on and the boat shoe. In short, exactly what you need for a comfy and stylish weekend look!

The trend of hemp shoes

We could not address the issue of shoes from elsewhere not to mention the trend of hemp shoes like the superb Nomadic State Of Mind sandals! Originally worn by farmers in the province of Gansu in China, hemp shoes have been appearing all over the world for some time. The traditional hemp shoe has existed for a very long time in China, but it was only very recently that craftsmen had the idea of ​​using this know-how to create modern and trendy shoes. The result is surprising, and incredibly comfortable.