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Women's outfit for a job interview:mistakes and fashion tips

There are circumstances in life for which it is sometimes difficult to choose an outfit. No, we are not talking about a date with a stranger, but more formal events such as funerals, weddings or job interviews. Exactly, the latter let's talk about it! It is often said that the first two minutes of an interview are crucial for the recruiter to get an idea of ​​the person he has in front of him. And as we know, the outfit is representative of the personality. To make a good impression and arrive neat without being too stuffy, do you know what to wear to a job interview ? Look ideas and mistakes to avoid.

What you should never do

If you don't want to miss yourself and give a false image of yourself, certain fashion pieces are to be avoided for interviews . First, the miniskirt. It is absolutely no circumstances. It would give you the impression of wanting to highlight your silhouette by forgetting the codes and mores of the professional world. Here, we come to seduce the recruiter for the position and not for the recruiter himself. In short, you will understand, the too sexy or too sensual, it stays at home. We also forget the cuts that are too large and the oversized cuts. Some people recommend not wearing jeans, but we don't really agree. It depends on the context and the sector of activity. And most importantly, how you accessorize your jeans. Dresses are also allowed but not just any. We obviously avoid models with thin straps that give the impression of being on vacation, dresses with a maxi neckline or even backless or strapless dresses. up. Needless to say, you shouldavoid too much makeup for a job interview . Bet on a pretty make-up that gives you a healthy glow, but do not overdo it with terracotta or bronzed powder. Naturalness and elegance are in order!

4 tips for finding the perfect outfit for your job interview

Adapt the outfit to the type of position

Obviously, some positions allow a wider amplitude than others when it comes to the choice of outfit.If you are going to apply for a job in the hotel or hospitality industry, you will be asked for an irreproachable style . No mistakes are tolerated. Watch out for stains or wrinkled clothes. In other sectors, it is not possible to arrive in a suit. We are thinking in particular of the sports sector, for example. Everything is in the right dosage. Adapt to the environment and take over the main dress codes.

Be yourself

Don't completely transform to please recruiters. The clothes you choose should be clothes in which you feel completely comfortable. In short, you must feel beautiful and good in your sneakers . If you are not the type to walk in heels, do not arrive with a pair of 10 cm heels on your feet to look like a business woman. There are plenty of other very dressy dress shoes that will look just as good.

Take care of your image

Also be careful to have a well-groomed look from head to toe. Clean, styled hair, no crumbling polish, not too much fancy jewelry, etc. Pay attention to detail by imagining what impression you might make when you arrive. Is there anything about your outfit that could draw negative attention to you in the eyes of a recruiter?

What to wear for a job interview?

The traditional option:trouser suit and white shirt

It's a perfect classic for if you're out of ideas. Obviously, if you want to be recruited for a branch in fashion, you will have to do more original than that to stand out and show your sense of style. However, for a large number of professional sectors, this outfit works wonders. For the trouser suit, opt for a cut that corresponds to your morphology . Choose a fitted suit jacket or an elegant jacket with a particular detail like shoulder pads, etc.

Wearing women's jeans for a job interview:instructions


Jeans yes, but not in just any sector of activity and not with just anything! Here is an idea of ​​perfect look with jeans. The perfect job interview outfit for winter . Just opt ​​for a white shirt and a quality beige sweater under which you let your shirt collar stick out. Raw jeans at the bottom and little town shoes on your feet, and here you are, perfectly styled. This outfit also works with black jeans. But be careful, here, we opt for slim jeans or straight jeans, but we avoid wide jeans!

The half BCBG-half trendy preppy girl style


For a fashionable working girl style, here is a look that you can easily reproduce. To do this, you need a trendy piece with check, houndstooth or a tartan or Prince of Wales print. We recommend the slightly long checked blazer option . Underneath, wear an elegant white or black (or beige) neutral blouse. At the bottom, tailored pants or basic black suit pants. And leather derbies on your feet! Without forgetting, a beautiful straight and well cut camel wool coat.

To remember

  • Of course, there are plenty of other great ways to dress for an interview. The secret is in the choice of colors. The more neutral you are, the easier it is. The light tones and shades of beige and off-white are to be studied because they go perfectly with black trousers or jeans.
  • On the feet, the only rule is generally to swap your sneakers for dress shoes or heels.
  • For job interview outfits for curvy women, the ideal is to wear a flowing, non-transparent blouse with straight black dress pants!