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6 tips and tricks for creating a capsule wardrobe

Honey, I have nothing to wear! This is probably one of the most uttered phrases by women on a daily basis. Faced with a dressing room full of mismatched pieces, it's the eternal question "what am I going to wear today?" ". If you recognize yourself in these facts, then I advise you to carefully read the article of the day on a minimalist wardrobe . No, don't leave right away, don't be afraid, if I have decided to tell you about the concept of capsule wardrobe , it is because it seduces more and more women.

A trendy and eco-friendly current, which pushes you to rethink your wardrobe differently from current standards. A less extensive, but perfectly thought-out dressing room, and the assurance of always having the perfect outfit to put on quickly every morning.

Does your curiosity tickle you? You would like to know more about creating a capsule wardrobe ? Read our article to understand everything about this concept.

What is a capsule wardrobe?

This English term meaning "capsule wardrobe is still little known in France. However, create your wardrobe capsule is a super interesting concept and the assurance of always having complete and trendy outfits to hand. We also talk about minimalist wardrobe .

A capsule wardrobe consists of creating a minimalist dressing room, made of trendy and timeless pieces, which combine perfectly with each other.

This technique allows you to always have outfits consistent with your clothing style and to be able to twist different outfits with very few pieces. Beyond a clothing style, the capsule wardrobe is also a lifestyle. A more responsible way of consuming .

How many clothes are there in a capsule wardrobe ?

The capsule wardrobe is made up of basics and current pieces. All can be worn together. It all depends on your style and your wishes, but the ideal is to keep between 30 and 50 pieces maximum (clothes, accessories and shoes combined).

What are the advantages of a capsule wardrobe?

While having fewer clothes may scare off some shopaholic women, it must be recognized that the concept of the women's capsule wardrobe has some significant advantages.

An economic gain

Shopping is a real endless well for some. Between favourites, trendy items, we always find new things to buy to complete our wardrobe. Unfortunately, these are often pieces from new collections, not on sale.

The wardrobe capsule allows you to stay fashionable, respecting your own style and at no additional cost. We may have to buy a piece from time to time, but this one is logically thought out to fit perfectly with the rest of our dressing wardrobe .

Less stress looking for outfits every day

What woman hasn't known the worry of having nothing to wear when her closet is full? It even happens to feel frustrated with the inability to combine mismatched pieces and lost time looking for your look of the day . If you want to avoid this kind of morning stress, there's nothing like the capsule wardrobe and its minimalist spirit. Not only will you go fast, but you will always be well dressed since all your pieces will be made to match.

A green trend

The wardrobe capsule is more respectful of the planet . End the waste of having dozens of unworn fashion pieces in your dressing room! It's time to buy more responsibly and more thoughtfully for a wardrobe that lasts!

6 tips for creating your capsule wardrobe

You will find many tips online on how to create your capsule . Some sites even offer examples of capsule wardrobe . But in reality, each capsule is different depending on the clothing style and tastes of each. I therefore advise you to stay neutral and rather follow your instincts, while drawing inspiration from our list for your basics.

Choose your style of dress

The first thing to do before you start creating your capsule wardrobe is to define your own clothing style . Many women find it difficult to put a name to their style and they buy pieces belonging to different styles. Result:the pieces fit together badly and what is supposed to be a fashion nugget ends up at the back of the closet.

However, each woman has her own style of dress, the one in which she feels herself. A style that matches his personality. Ask yourself the right questions, are you more casual, casual chic, bohemian, rock, minimalist chic?

Sorting your closet

Before starting your capsule, some background work is needed. You're going to have to sort through your dressing room and part with all the pieces you never wear.

If a piece of clothing is worn only once a year, it's because you can't easily put other pieces together. No need to keep it in your closet. Exit also the old things that you keep for a long time in the hope of putting them back later.

If this sorting is nerve-wracking, start by taking everything out of the closet and setting it aside, to keep only the essentials. You will always be able to reintegrate certain pieces into your capsule in case of doubt.

I advise you to observe the pieces that you wear most often, this one corresponds to your style of dress. They will give you a clue to follow.

Keep the good parts

To choose the fashion pieces to keep, nothing beats clothes adapted to your morphology. Same thing for colors, some clothes will suit you better depending on your complexion and the color of your hair.

Apart from these two essential points, you must also take into account that your capsule requires having good basics .

What pieces to keep in your capsule wardrobe ?

  • Jeans with a cut adapted to your morphology
  • A white shirt
  • A black blazer
  • Some basic t-shirts (white, black or grey)
  • Dress pants, preferably black, that you can wear to work
  • One or two skirts
  • Two or three dresses including a black dress
  • Two warm sweaters
  • A vest
  • A coat
  • A trench coat
  • A denim jacket or a perfecto, depending on your style
  • A belt, a hat and a scarf.

Note that having a capsule wardrobe does not mean that you will be deprived of trendy pieces. What matters is having timeless pieces and a few signature cuts that will suit you perfectly.

So if you are an unconditional fan of lace or embroidery blouses, you absolutely must have one in your capsule. If your favorite jeans are mum jeans or baggy ones, then keep it!

Create a wardrobe capsule according to the season

If there is one thing to remember before defining your capsule, it is the temperature changes of the different seasons. You will therefore have to create a summer wardrobe capsule and a winter wardrobe capsule .

Try it out

Once a first sorting is done, it's time to try on your outfits. Look among the tops, bottoms, dresses and skirts, what are the possible combinations. Everything must fully coincide and each of the tops must be wearable with each of the bottoms. Same thing for your coats. Keep only one or two maximum that will go with your entire capsule.

A minimalist but coherent dressing room is much more pleasant than an ultra-full dressing room, with mismatched pieces that don't match each other.

Buy some missing parts

Finally, you're going to have to find some additional essential pieces for your wardrobe. Prefer quality parts , durable and timeless.

In summary

  • The capsule wardrobe is a minimalist wardrobe.
  • The pieces in your wardrobe are quality pieces that all fit together.
  • Thanks to the wardrobe capsule, the hours of looking for an outfit in front of your dressing room every morning are over.
  • It's economical and eco-friendly so why not give it a try?

You loved creating your capsule wardrobe? Why not pass on this lifestyle for the whole family. The concept can be adapted very easily and you can also create a men's wardrobe capsule or children.