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The slingback, the trendy shoe of the moment

In the family of trendy winter shoes, I ask for the slingback . A shoe that combines chic and comfort, perfect to accompany many of our winter looks.

With its haute couture spirit reminiscent of the original model from Chanel , the slingback shoe is on all feet right now.

How to embrace the slingback trend without looking too vintage? How to wear slingbacks ? We take stock of this 2020 shoe trend .

Slingback shoe, what is it?

The slingback is the trendy shoe of the moment that we could have stolen from our grandmother. You know those pumps open at the back of the shoe, held by an elastic strap?

Attention, the slingback has nothing retro this year, except its origin. They are about to become the it-shoes of the moment.

A shoe that has the advantage of being comfortable and very feminine. With its small heels (mini version), all women can wear slingbacks . They are not only reserved for the BCBG style of dress.


The story of the slingback pump

But where do slingbacks come from and how did they come back to the fore?

Their creator is none other than Coco Chanel! We therefore better understand the craze for his shoes recognizable among a thousand with their two-tone colors of the time.

In 1957, when Coco revolutionized the world of women's fashion, the pump became the traditional shoe for women. On the Chanel slingback pump , the tip of the shoe is black and shortens the feet of women, while the other part is beige and lengthens the legs.

Having been sidelined for a long time and relegated to the rank of old things, slingbacks are making a comeback thanks to Karl Lagerfield in 2015. He will modernize their cut by putting on shaped heels square.

It didn't take much for the pump to be in it mode again.

How to wear the slingback for a trendy look?

These days, the pump no longer really resembles Coco Chanel's model. Available in all kinds of cuts, the shoe sometimes has a stiletto, square or round heel. The tip of the shoe also varies from one model to another. It is sometimes pointed, sometimes round and sometimes even square.

As for colors, exit the traditional black and beige. Slingbacks are available in all colors and prints.

Which slingback model to choose for a modern look?

  • Dare an animal print, a polka dot print for a retro look or even a floral print.
  • Do you prefer plain designs? The slingback is fantastic in both camel and royal blue versions. It is precisely its modern and colorful version that creates sharp looks.
  • In terms of material, what to choose? Leather, suede, velvet, jeans, you have a multitude. It's a matter of taste.

What to put the slingback with?

For a 2020 version, you will have to break the straight and serious image of the pump by opting for very trendy fashion pieces. So we dare to shift fashion pieces. You can wear your pumps with:

  • Destroyed jeans.
  • Palazzo pants.
  • A long denim skirt.
  • A skater dress.
  • A midi skirt.
  • A pleated skirt.

The looks we love

To adopt the slingback trend without missteps , the easiest way is certainly to pair it with baggy jeans or slouchy jeans.

This year, we're breaking with classic straight silhouettes. The volumes are redefined with gathered cuts at the waist, XXL shoulder pads, balloon effect jeans cuts... In short, the idea is really to decide between the chic "lady" aspect of the pumps with low heels and a very trendy fashion piece. This type of association will undoubtedly give you a trendy look!

In reality, your shoes will go with almost everything.

Do you like the rock universe? Wear a rock t-shirt with slouchy jeans and slingbacks.

Are you more BCBG style? Good news, the neo-bourgeois style is in fashion! We love the combination of a beautiful pleated skirt with slingback pumps with round toes .

And for a more casual style? The shoe adapts to all styles of clothing. So you can wear it with straight cut jeans and a basic round neck t-shirt.

To give it a trendy touch, simply add a trendy accessory (a leather handbag, XXL sunglasses, a scarf in your hair, a long coat, etc.) .

In summary:

  • The slingback is ultra-trendy this winter.
  • We wear it with everything:jeans, dresses, skirts, etc.
  • To modernize it, pair your pair of shoes with a trendy piece (slouchy jeans for example).
  • Dare to wear colored slingbacks (brown suede or suede, powder pink, etc.).