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The K-Way:the strong piece of the men's wardrobe

For several years now, the vintage spirit has been THE big trend . Much appreciated, vintage sets the tone for this fashion to decorate our interiors. From occasional furniture to decorative objects, decoration standards are rebooting interiors that are sometimes outdated, sometimes contemporary. Moreover, it has never been so trendy as to hunt on second-hand sites, to survey the garage sales or to recover the family furniture to personalize its decoration. The vintage style is even taking over our wardrobes.

Iconic pieces from past trends continue to make a remarkable comeback on the catwalk. Disappeared at the end of the 80s, the XXL shoulder pads have been a craze for a few seasons. And what about the double-breasted jacket borrowed from the 30s that occupies a prominent place in the male wardrobe?! It too is a must-have, like the leather pants, the knit sweater, the check print, the scarf tied around the neck or the howling print shirt. Among the safe bets for next winter, the K-Way, although long neglected, is THE RETRO PIECE par excellence . The K-Way comes out of the closet in style. The iconic brand from the 70s and 80s is making a strong comeback and launching a must-have very trendy collection.

The K-Way:a bit of nostalgia, a dose of fashion

An essential part of the wardrobe in case of rain, the K-Way has revolutionized the world of ready-to-wear combining comfort and practicality. Indeed, this accessory has enjoyed unprecedented success due to its lightness, practicality and disconcerting ease of storage. After being shelved, the men's K-Way is once again asserting itself as an it-piece . Although it retains its deep values, new products are emerging.

While the classic "Léon" and "Claude" models are kept identical down to the smallest detail, the brand is expanding its range. “Orsetto” fleece-lined windbreaker, “Amaury” windbreaker with a bloomer look, reversible “Jacques” windbreaker with down jacket effect... the K-Way adventure continues with coats, down jackets , but also a wide range of clothing and accessories. Trendy prints, noble materials such as cashmere or down are also making an appearance, ideal for curling up in from the first frosts of autumn. The concept is resurfacing today with a breath of fresh air for the greatest pleasure of sewing enthusiasts and always with the same leitmotif:that of protecting us from bad weather. No wonder its success has not wavered for a few seasons already.

The K-Way:a world of chic, a perfect combo

Aesthetic, elegant and casual , the men's K-Way is still worn today. Besides, with rather special but seasonal weather, leaving home without a K-Way is far from insanity. Between an azure blue sky when you jump out of bed and a heavy rain at lunchtime, the back-to-school period requires you to equip yourself. Nothing like a K-Way in your business so you don't end up soaked from head to toe at the end of the day. Effective in rainy and windy weather, it will overcome the many vagaries and inconveniences of the weather.

Exit the slightly traumatic memories of this garment whose eponymous sketch by Dany Boon makes you laugh. The materials are now breathable, antiperspirant, comfortable as you wish and taped seams. Every detail, finish ensures perfect ventilation while being waterproof. If the latter is easy to store, take it out of context to bring a cool touch to urban looks. Exit the urban legend that wants the reign of streetwear is coming to an end... it is not! It is possible to combine the windbreaker with chinos, low sneakers and a round neck t-shirt to walk the streets in a relaxed way. For a perfect look on the weekend, nothing like denim, a pair of boots. The idea is to opt for a model that stops at mid-thigh. If it is longer, it is better that we control the volumes and the proportions to avoid packing the silhouette. On the color side, there is nothing like opting for shades that change like burgundy or petrol blue to have that touch of sophistication. To bring style and associate this new urban classic, the idea is not to wear a very formal outfit unless you want to mix styles. In this case, it will be better to favor K-Way men with a noble material and very beautiful finishes as is the case with the Manfield jacket. Whether it is this model or not, the idea is to ensure that the sides of the costume do not protrude from the K-Way. Whatever the style and the circumstance, in short it's free-style as long as we avoid suede leather on the feet .