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The rose, an essential ingredient

The rose, in all its forms, is an essential ingredient in natural cosmetics. Focus on its virtues and its daily use!

The rose is an ingredient with a thousand virtues. We love it as much for its qualities as for its delicate fragrance. Beauty secret of our grandmothers, natural cosmetics breathe new life into it and reveal how effective it is in all its forms.


Rose oil

Rose oil, derived from Muscat rose seeds, contains many beneficial substances for the skin. Its fame is well established for its formidable action on scars and wrinkles. It contributes to cell renewal and repairs damaged areas of the skin to preserve its youthfulness. Rich in essential fatty acids (omega-3 and omega-6), antioxidants (especially vitamin E) and retinol, it helps repair damaged skin (acne scars, burns) . This high concentration of fatty acids improves the hydrolipidic barrier and firmness of the skin:it is also ideal for preventing or reducing wrinkles


Rose hydrosol

With fresh and floral notes, Rose hydrosol (or rose floral water) comes from the petals. It is perfect for all skin types, even the most sensitive:it soothes redness and inflammation, while providing comfort, softness and hydration. Astringent and invigorating, it tightens pores and leaves skin smooth and firm. Finally, it is appreciated for its harmonizing, relaxing and calming qualities.


Our beauty selection

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