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Vegetable charcoal:its benefits for the skin

You must have already heard of it:vegetable charcoal is revolutionizing cosmetic care! Detoxifying, purifying, anti-aging... Vegetable charcoal has many benefits, although its coloring leaves some skeptics. What is Vegetable Charcoal? What are its benefits on the skin? How to use it ? Veld's tells you everything!

What is charcoal?

Vegetable charcoal, or activated vegetable charcoal if we want to be completely fair, is simply… charcoal. Concretely, it is the result of the combustion of vegetable matter . In most cases, it is bamboo, oak, poplar, or coconut shells.

Vegetable charcoal has been used since Antiquity for its detoxifying properties , both for the skin and for the body. To obtain a charcoal that can be used in cosmetic care, the preparation takes place in three stages:

  1. Combustion, which aims to calcine organic matter
  2. Activation, which consists of injecting steam to develop the porosity of the charcoal and make it more absorbent
  3. Grinding, to obtain a powder that blends perfectly into a cosmetic preparation.

What are the benefits of charcoal?

The benefits of charcoal are very numerous. It is a raw material that is easily integrated into preparations for external use, as well as internal. We thus find vegetable charcoal in toothpaste, since it offers a whitening action. It is also found in many food supplements, to aid digestion, or to detoxify the body . It is also used in tablets to detoxify tap water.

Above all, vegetable charcoal has many benefits for having beautiful skin. It detoxifies the skin of all the impurities that assail it , in particular pollution particles, and residues linked to cigarette smoke. It is therefore a beauty ally of choice for smokers and city dwellers.

In addition, it absorbs excess sebum and unclogs pores, to smooth skin texture and prevent the appearance of comedones and blackheads. Finally, by its high antioxidant content , vegetable charcoal is also an excellent ingredient for anti-aging care.

All you need to know about the vegetable charcoal mask

If it is found in certain moisturizers, vegetable charcoal is mainly used in the form of a face mask. It is a worthy competitor of green clay, to enhance the skin in the blink of an eye. To make the right choice, bet on a mask based on organic vegetable charcoal , so you don't end up with a treatment containing traces of pesticides.

Avoid black masks with vegetable charcoal which is removed in the form of a “layer”:these formulas contain a mixture of charcoal and glue to “rip out” blackheads, but they can be very dangerous for the skin. So we stay on the traditional mask, which we leave on, and rinse off.

Results ? Glowing, smooth skin with tightened pores and a luminous complexion.