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The Loofah for soft and healthy skin

For a long time I used washcloths and shower flowers to wash my body before turning to less conventional hygiene accessories such as natural sponges and goat hair gloves. As such, the loofah was the first to be adopted. But what exactly is loofah? On the face of it, it looks like a kind of sponge, but it's actually the natural fibers of a cucurbit, much like the inside of a large squash.

It is generally found in two forms. Either it is in its raw state, it is in this state that I started to use it, or in the form of a glove to have it more easily in hand, to discover without further delay in your Bio box August BelleauNatural . If at first glance, it turns out to be rough to the touch, just leave it for a few minutes under water for it to soften. As it dries, it will regain its original hardness. Does this short introduction leave you wondering? Know that there are several advantages to using the loofah and here they are.

Loofah and its benefits

  • Undoubtedly, what matters above all to me is naturalness . Either I can use the "accessory" in its original state, or it has undergone as little modification as possible. Unlike shower flowers and other synthetic everyday objects, the loofah is perfect because you just have to remove the skin and the seeds. Any additional additions are for ease of handling.

  • It is an excellent exfoliator which will allow you to erase all the dead cells and have soft skin. What's more, it's timely for the return of the holidays because you will be able to keep your tan longer. If you have reactive skin, you can alternate your body care routine with another shower accessory. For my part, I used it as a glove to wash myself daily for several months without it irritating my skin. My advice:whether you are prone to redness or not, consider moisturizing your skin with a milk or cream after showering.

  • If you take care of your loofah, it can easily last you 6 months . An appreciable longevity for ecologists and thrifty;-).

  • A little extra for those looking for a little inspiration and novelty in their daily life:the loofah fits perfectly into an oriental beauty ritual n combining it, for example, with black soap for its calming and softening properties.

Before concluding, it is necessary to clarify a point on the loofah since it is often said that this means is more hygienic, which I also believed for a long time. However, it does not protect more against bacteria as long as you leave it in a humid environment. To avoid proliferation, consider drying it in the open air or hanging it in a ventilated room.

Miss Ambrose