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CC cream, BB cream, foundation:what are the differences?

A luminous and unified complexion is what we are all looking for every day! And to do so, there is no shortage of solutions:BB cream, foundation, CC cream... We would almost get lost! What is the difference between BB cream and CC cream? Between foundation and tinted creams? Which solution to choose to unify your complexion? Discover all the answers with Veld's.

What is the difference between BB cream and CC cream?

Looking for a solution to unify your complexion , did you get a little lost between BB creams, CC creams, and other complexion solutions? Do not panic ! Let's unravel together the properties of each product.

BB cream:definition

BB cream means, in the language of Shakespeare, Blemish Balm, or anti-blemish balm . We are well on our way! No ? So let's go into a bit more detail. The idea of ​​BB cream is to find a happy medium between day cream and foundation . BB creams contain a moisturizing base, often quite light, although there are richer ones for dry skin. But in the idea, the textures remain relatively fluid, to allow a good distribution of the pigments.

Because yes, if we talk about "anti-imperfection balm" it is because it is above all a cream to even out the complexion, by camouflaging all the small imperfections :redness, small pigmentation spots, acne scars, comedones and blackheads. Depending on the formulas, there are BB creams with a palette of three shades, but also unique BB creams that contain pigments that adapt to all skin tones, for a natural look.

CC cream:definition

For the BB cream, it's seen. Now you are probably wondering “what is a CC cream? ? ". The “CC” stands for Color Control. CC creams are, in a way, the second generation of BB creams, with which we have pushed the compromise between care and complexion work even further. CC creams have more actions for the skin , depending on the formulas:anti-aging, anti-imperfections, anti-UV, anti-pollution… They go further in the care aspect, to beautify the skin. Rather than hiding imperfections, it treats them.

In this sense, CC creams are often less covering than BB creams , with a more dosed care part than the pigmented part. However, they offer a natural look with formulas that adapt perfectly to the skin tone, and unify the complexion for a healthy glow.

And the foundation in all this?

Faced with the innovations brought by BB creams and CC creams , one wonders how the traditional foundation is positioned in all this. The logic of the foundation was to operate its beauty routine in two steps:first, apply its daily moisturizer, and then, unify using a pigmented formula, but without a "care" action.

Depending on their texture (cream, mousse, fluid, etc.), some foundations are now equipped with moisturizing or anti-UV active ingredients, but priority is still given to the complexion. Indeed, there are much more varied shades , and those who have trouble finding the perfect shade for CC creams and BB creams will inevitably find it in foundation. Another big advantage:you get a more uniform and smooth complexion with a foundation, which has a much higher coverage than tinted creams. However, the rendering sometimes lacks a bit of naturalness , but that remains a matter of personal taste.

Which solution should you choose to enhance your complexion?

Now that we know the differences between BB cream and CC cream, which solution should you choose to enhance your complexion and obtain a healthy glow?

The BB cream to camouflage the imperfections of combination skin

The BB cream is a great solution for skin with imperfections (redness, blackheads, acne), in order to have a sufficiently covering formula, which will unify the complexion and hide what there is to hide. The BB cream is very suitable for combination to oily skin , thanks to its light moisturizing formula. For sensitive, weakened, dry or mature skin, the “care” part of BB creams will be too light.

The CC cream, the ally of mature and fragile skin

The CC cream, on the other hand, is ideal for mature skin , but also for sensitive skin . Like our Flash Protect tinted cream, it will offer a complete formula to protect the skin from the sun, from premature skin aging, while providing it with sufficient hydration.

It unifies the complexion and offers a natural finish, which will not be enough for skin with redness or acne, but which will be more than enough for skin without marked imperfections . In this spirit, you can turn to our Pure Pulp Glow healthy glow treatment:it hydrates the skin, while unifying the complexion, with a natural and "bare skin" effect.

Foundation:your secret card for evening shine

Let's not forget our beloved foundation, which has kept us company for many years. For skin with specific problems , and who need targeted care during the day (anti-wrinkle cream, anti-blemish care, cream against pigment spots), it allows you to apply the care of your choice, before working on the complexion separately.

If you want to achieve a natural look, today there are fluidic foundation formulas which offer a light rendering. Otherwise, if the 2-in-1 formula of BB creams or a CC cream seduces you for everyday use, you can bet on foundation only in the evening, or to have an irreproachable complexion for your special occasions.