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What are the different foundation application techniques?

What are the different foundation application techniques? When it comes to foundation, it can sometimes be difficult to find your way around. Between the different products (fluid, matifying, compact...) and the applicators that go with it, the choice is difficult! However, each technique has its advantages, and it's all a matter of preference.

The sponge, for simplified application

The sponge is the asset of those who are in a hurry in the morning, and who put on makeup in a few minutes while drinking their coffee. Easier to handle than a brush, it guarantees an even application in a few gestures. The most practical are spherical sponges, which are often set on a handle. They are also the ones that provide the most natural look. The sponge is ideal for applying mattifying foundations, which are sometimes a little thick:just moisten it very slightly before application, and the product spreads evenly on the skin. Only drawback of the sponge:it absorbs part of the product. The bottle empties faster! To take into account, if your favorite foundation is a little expensive... In addition, the sponge has a shorter lifespan than the brush. Of course, it cleans up easily with hot water. However, for hygiene reasons, it is advisable to change them regularly. Choose good quality sponges, made of natural rubber rather than polyester, which stay firm and clean longer.

The different types of brushes for applying foundation

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With liquid, moisturizing fluid or mousse foundations, it is recommended to use a wide, flat brush. Some foundations are sold with their own brush, the shape of which matches the density of the product perfectly. Apply the foundation in small touches on a few key points in the center of the face (forehead, nose, chin, corners of the mouth and cheekbones). Then we spread outwards. The application is relatively easy, and the result is natural. Compact foundations are more covering. They are applied with a Kabuki brush, with large rounded hairs, or a powder puff. The gesture must be broader:on one side of the face, we draw a three starting from the forehead, returning to the nose, then bypassing the jaw. All you have to do is repeat the operation on the other half of the face. Do not hesitate to pass the brush several times without product on the face, to even out the application.

Apply your foundation with your fingers

Finger application will delight lazy people who don't want to clean their brushes every day. It is also the most hygienic method:(clean) hands contain much less bacteria than a brush or sponge, even when properly cleaned. As for the application itself, it is above all a matter... of tact! On one side, with the fingers, it is easier to spread the product in the hollow areas, such as around the nose, or at the hairline. However, you have to blend better, so the application with your finger takes a little longer. To better spread the foundation, it must first be heated in the hollow of the palm. Then proceed by light tapping on the entire face.