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Makeup in 3 received ideas!

Makeup in 3 received ideas! There are trends (and real life...), advice from the pros and your desires. The good news is that you can combine everything and adopt looks that are easy to wear on a daily basis.

We tell you "For a pretty complexion, you need at least four steps"

Your Beauty tells you “In one, it works too! »

The quickest gesture to unify and revive the complexion is concealer or illuminator, as Claire Blavet, make-up artist at Chanel, explains to us:"Choose one tone lighter than skin tone. It is placed on the fingers, in the corner of the eyes, on dark circles, where the skin has small redness, at the corners of the lips, on the nasolabial folds. » Fast and ultra efficient, everything we love!

The choice of Your Beauty. Perfect coverage:Yves Rocher Radiant Youth, Correction and Radiance Pen. Conceals and blurs:Bobbi Brown's Creamy Concealer Kit. Protective and regenerating:Sothys Anti-Cernes Corrector.

We tell you "Making up your eyes and mouth is a no-no !

Your Beauty tells you "Yes, but all in transparency".

Powerful eyes and a vinyl mouth, today, "it's a bit of a retro look, like a photo of Guy Bourdin", observes Lyne Desnoyer, MAC Cosmetics make-up director. But nothing prevents you from making up both if you bet on discreet effects. "A match between colors and a contrast of textures can bring subtlety", points out Linda Cantello, international make-up artist at Giorgio Armani. The right duos:a gray smoky-eye and a raspberry lip balm or a red lipstick and a shadow in half-tones (khaki or taupe) just placed at the level of the eyelashes. A little manual lifting, rather bluffing:massage the scalp at the level of the forehead, at the edge of the hair, down towards the ears then the nape of the neck.

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The choice of Your Beauty. On the eyes:Dual Intensity Eyeshadow, Lysithea, Gris Requin, by Nars; Matte Effect Eyeshadow, 35 Taupe, by Monop' Make-Up. On the lips:Rouge Pur Couture, 01 Le Rouge, by Yves Saint Laurent; Phyto-Lip Twist, 02 Baby, by Sisley.

We tell you "The color of the season is copper" .

Your Beauty tells you "Yes, but avoid the total look".

“Copper is always very flattering. In its redder shades, it will make hazel or green eyes sparkle. More red, it will divinely highlight blue or gray eyes,” advises Claire Blavet. No need to wear it as a total look. “It is better to favor matte and satin textures to avoid the bling side, decrypts Lyne Desnoyer. In small touches, with a shadow, just placed in the inner corner of the eye, a cream blush to enhance the complexion or a simple line of liner. »

The choice of Your Beauty. On the bulging cheekbones:Stick Blush Bonne Mine, Bronze Glow, by Laura Mercier. On the eyelids:Diorshow Mono, 653 Mordoré, by Christian Dior. Along the lashes:Color Liner, 28 Pearly Brown, by Make Up Forever. On the nails:Nail Lacquer, n° 214, Fade To Gray Collection by Giorgio Armani.