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Beauty tip:perfect smokey eyes

Beauty tip:perfect smokey eyes

QUESTION: I sometimes make smoky eyes but after an hour it doesn't look so nice anymore. The kohl pencil on my upper lid starts to bleed and the line on my lower lash line runs out. Is there a way to smoky eyes more durable or waterproof to make?

ANSWER: “It's a shame when you see all your effort disappear after an hour, as it were. My advice is to first apply a base to the eyelids, a kind of primer for the eyelids † Such a eyebasic will absorb sebum, optically smoothes the eye bed and ensures that the eye make-up does not disappear in the crease of the eye. For optimal effect, leave the primer dry and then you can start applying smokey eyes

That kohl pencil because it is made of a waxy, greasy substance. It always works well to fix the kohl pencil by dabbing it with powder † This can be a regular setting powder his or eyeshadow. There are special smudge brushes to fix a pencil line and blur if desired to create the smokey eye effect.

You could also opt for a long wear kohl pencil † This is less fat, but often slightly drier and therefore stiffer. Also a long wear pencil can be fixed with powder so that you can enjoy it as much as possible and all your effort has not been for nothing.”

Amanda Rijff, Account manager &Master Make-up artist Laura Mercier NL/BE