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Beauty tip:faint perfume

Beauty tip:faint perfume

QUESTION:When I put on a perfume, the scent quickly dissipates. Is this due to the type of perfume or my skin type? How do I make sure that I smell nice all day long and not just after I have just sprayed the scent?

ANSWER: The concentration of fragrances largely determines how long you continue to smell a perfume. An eau de toilette, for example, does not last as long as an eau de parfum.

In addition, there are 'vertical' and 'horizontal' scents † A horizontal fragrance consists for eighty percent of synthetic parts and hardly makes any connection with the skin. A vertical fragrance consists of at least eighty percent natural parts and the connection with the skin much better, so that the scent lasts longer. A vertical scent smells different on everyone, while a horizontal scent smells the same on everyone.

My advice:opt for a vertical fragrance with a high concentration of fragrances, such as an eau de parfum or a perfume. The average fragrance duration of an eau de parfum is seven hours , so you can use that for a large part of the day.

Loes Aukus, training manager at Guerlain