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Beauty tip Eyeliner for flawless application!

The eyeliner, this line of makeup that gives our eyes that slightly bewitching air that makes us women with “doe eyes”. The eyeliner has always been one of the most elegant make-up features, at least for me since I had the right to wear make-up, it is this make-up that I find the most graceful, the most refined, yes but... Provided you know how to pose it correctly!

I don't know about you but putting on the eyeliner didn't come as a revelation to me, it took me several tries and some research before I could put it on properly so today I decided to share some tips with you so that you too know the power of this bewitching gaze.

Beauty tip, here we go!

1 – Choose your eyeliner :Indeed, there are different textures and in different forms, in gel; liquid, or felt.
Personally, I prefer liquid like Zao's Organic Eyeliner because it delivers flawless results both in terms of black intensity and line shapes. However, I grant you its biggest flaw is that it is quite difficult to master.

So if the brush scares you, you can set your sights on felt eyeliner, which will be easier to use. But be careful, choose a fine tip instead, which will allow you to be more precise and let your imagination run wild for different strokes.

As for the gel eyeliner, the latter requires the use of a bevelled and fine brush, because it is sold in the form of a jar. But there too, its pose requires a precise and concentrated gesture.

2 - The eyeliner should always be applied to the bare eyelid , without any makeup at least until you have completely mastered the technique. Why ? Well, in fact, when the eyelid is already made up, the application becomes more difficult, the brush does not adhere in the same way.

3 - To prevent shaking s, sit down, put your elbow on a table. Position yourself over a mirror to get a full view of your eyelid. Above all, do not pull on your eyelid as you may have already seen in some tutorials, because once your eyelid is released your line may not be straight.

4 – Always start from the outside of the eye (yes there is also bad information short). This avoids feeling like you have to go the full length of the eye, so you can start with the outer corner of the eye, end in the middle of the iris, change the line thickness, height or direction.

5 – Overflow? Do not panic, to erase these little "hiccups", use a cotton swab soaked in micellar water which will not leave any greasy film on the eyelid.

6 - Leave no space between the line and the edge of the eyelid because ladies know that the closer the eyeliner is to the lash line, the more natural the result will be.

Let's recap

Start with a sketch, like in drawing, drawing a thin line, just at the corner of the eye, to give direction. If necessary, correct with your cotton swab.

Once you are satisfied with your "line", start from the outer tip and draw your line flush with the eyelashes, ending at the inner corner or at the level of the iris. Then, fill in the blanks to black.

Once your eyeliner is on, apply your mascara and finish with a light veil of loose powder to set the line and unify the result.

There you go, after a little practice you'll be an eyeliner pro while leaving a natural, sleek look.

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