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Which beauty routine for my skin type?

The skin is subjected to all kinds of aggressions on a daily basis. To heal and strengthen it, it is essential to know your skin type! How to determine your skin type? What beauty routine to adopt to sublimate each type of skin? Here are Veld's answers.

Knowing your skin type:why is it important?

To have beautiful, fresh, luminous and healthy skin, it is essential to know your skin type . If you don't know it, and you use unsuitable products or make unfortunate beauty gestures, you can create a deep imbalance in the epidermis, quickly visible on your face:red patches, blackheads and pimples, dull complexion , marked wrinkles, etc.

As a reminder, it is important to distinguish between skin type and skin condition . Skin type is the nature of your skin since your childhood, it is a constant state. Skin types include oily skin, normal skin, dry skin, and sensitive skin. The skin condition is a temporary condition, caused by diet, medical treatment, use of unsuitable cosmetics or temperature changes. For example, we speak of dehydrated, sensitized, acneic or dry skin.

Determining your skin type:instructions for use

To know your skin type, take a moment to look at yourself in the mirror:

  • Normal skin is neither oily nor dry, it is balanced, fresh, and the complexion is luminous. If this is your case, congratulations, you are very lucky!
  • Oily skin shines on the T-zone (forehead, nose, chin), feels oily to the touch, and is often prone to blackheads and comedones.
  • Sensitive skin is skin that shows redness at the slightest friction, or change in temperature, or humidity. She is often uncomfortable and tolerates few products.
  • Dry skin is rough to the touch, has fine particles and/or dead skin. She tends to emphasize wrinkles, and to blush at the slightest aggression. Like sensitive skin, it can be uncomfortable on a daily basis, with itching and tightness.

What beauty routine for my skin type?

A hydrating beauty routine for combination to oily skin

Morning:Contrary to what one might think, combination and oily skin is often sensitive and do not support too astringent treatments. At stake ? Hyperseborrhoea, which we want to avoid at all costs. To eliminate the sebum produced during the night without attacking the skin, clean it with floral water of lavender, known for its purifying and balancing properties. Gently pass a cotton pad soaked over your face, emphasizing the T-zone.

Next, moisturize your skin with a lightweight moisturizer , rich in water and low in lipids. If you have blemishes, apply a local anti-blackhead treatment before applying foundation. Choose a fluid, non-comedogenic foundation over a powder foundation, which could clog pores and accentuate imperfections. To mattify, a veil of powder or the use of mattifying paper is ideal.

In the evening:Remove your make-up carefully and cleanse your skin more thoroughly. Excess sebum, make-up and impurities must be removed to prevent the appearance of comedones. Finish with a mattifying or anti-blemish treatment, before applying a light cream.

Once a week:Scrub to unclog pores and prevent blemishes , followed by a purifying mask to absorb excess sebum. Always apply moisturizer afterwards.

A gentle beauty routine for sensitive skin

In the morning:When you get up, cleanse your face with cornflower floral water, with soothing properties. This gentle cleansing of the skin will refresh it, without attacking it. Thermal water also works. Be careful not to scrub the skin too much with your cotton pad. Follow with a rich moisturizer , with an enveloping texture, to protect your skin from aggressions. On the foundation side, a liquid and very fluid formula for a soft application with a brush is ideal. Do you have redness? Use a green foundation , or work topically with concealer.

In the evening:Remove your make-up using a milk or oily formula, in order to obtain a gentle and effective make-up removal. To cleanse the skin, avoid soap-based cleansing gels, which are too aggressive. Prefer cleaning with a gentle emulsion, or again, with floral water. To soothe the skin and allow it to regenerate, bet on a beauty repair treatment , like our Pure Pulp Neo gel. In the program ? Hydration, nutrition, and a plumping effect to regain soft and supple skin.

Once a week:Apply a moisturizing and nourishing mask to reinforce the hydrolipidic film of your skin , and protect it from attacks.

A nourishing beauty routine for dry skin

Morning:Cleanse your skin with thermal spring water or orange blossom or rose floral water, ideal for dry skin. This gentle cleansing will rid the skin of nighttime toxins, while respecting the hydrolipidic film. Then apply a moisturizing and nourishing cream, as rich in lipids as in water.

Your skin needs as much hydration as nutrition, to be supple and comfortable . On the foundation side, mousse textures are very interesting for dry skin, in order to have an enveloping and protective texture. Avoid powders, which could highlight scaly patches.

In the evening:Use a cleansing oil to remove your makeup and impurities, while strengthening the hydrolipidic film. To cleanse your skin, bet on surgras soaps, cleansing balms, or a gentle cleansing milk. Avoid astringent formulas, which are far too aggressive for dry skin. Once your skin is clean, apply a creamy and repairing balm, like our Age Commando face balm.

Once a week:Apply a deep hydration mask or a nourishing mask to give your skin a real regenerative break, to strengthen the hydrolipidic film and regain softness and comfort.