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Minimalist beauty routine:go straight to the point!

Minimalism is the big trend of the moment! Good news, it's also an opportunity to save time in the bathroom, with a simpler care routine, and to rediscover your natural skin. How to adopt a minimalist beauty routine? What essential beauty gestures should we keep? Here are our tips.

Minimalist beauty routine:essential beauty gestures

Minimalism is all the rage right now, especially in our bathrooms! The promise of a minimalist beauty routine? A faster, simpler skincare ritual for a more natural result .

At Veld's, we have always believed that quality comes before quantity, which is why we only design short ranges, with versatile products. A logic that fits perfectly into a minimalist beauty routine:less care, but quality care , with proven effectiveness and visible results .

However, minimalist beauty does not mean hassle-free. We are refocusing on the essential beauty gestures to have beautiful skin:

  • Daily cleaning , to eliminate make-up, toxins and sebum, as well as impurities from our environment
  • Good hydration , to nourish the skin, give it softness and suppleness, while protecting it from aggression
  • A beauty treatment , to treat your beauty issues (imperfections, anti-aging, dryness).

Veld's minimalist beauty routine

Want to simplify your life? Switch to a simpler, faster, more natural beauty routine? Follow the guide, Veld's offers you its minimalist face care ritual .

Riding your skin of impurities in one step

Any beauty routine worth its salt starts with a proper cleanse. This is the essential step to obtain clear skin, ready to receive its care. To save time and eliminate impurities in one step, you can opt for a make-up remover-cleanser.

Mitigate its small flaws

Before moving on to hydration, take a little detour to “beauty” care. We all have specific beauty issues that we would like to limit:wrinkles, imperfections, skin that is too dry or too shiny, a lack of firmness.

To reduce these little flaws, add an extra minute to your minimalist beauty routine:the time needed to apply an anti-aging serum, a local anti-blemish treatment, or a mattifying serum, for example.

Hydrate again and again

If there is one essential step, present in any minimalist beauty routine, it is hydration! It is an essential beauty gesture, since it allows the skin to remain supple, soft, and protected against external aggressions (UV, pollution, blue light, tobacco, etc.).

Choose a moisturizer adapted to your skin type :a rich moisturizing cream for dry-prone skin, light for oily-prone skin, with anti-aging active ingredients for mature skin.

Opt for a simple and natural make-up

After this minimalist skincare routine, let's keep it simple, with natural makeup . For an everyday look, you can go for a nude make-up, in order to hide imperfections and look good, without sporting an overly sophisticated style:

  • Apply a veil of foundation. If you have a tinted or healthy glow moisturizer, this step is not necessary.
  • Hide minor redness and dark circles with concealer or corrector.
  • Then move on to the eyes and apply your mascara in a zig-zag pattern, to have a light effect, without clumps. The goal is simply to give volume and length to the eyelashes.
  • Apply, depending on the mood or outfit of the day, a nude or slightly pink lipstick or gloss.

There you go, you're ready! Why complicate life when nothing is enough to illuminate your pretty face?

Treatments to do once a week

To radiate with a minimalist skincare routine, relying on a few “reinforcement treatments”, to be done once a week or every ten days, can be a good idea. Your allies? Scrub and mask !

Facial exfoliation is ideal for tightening pores, in order to have clear skin and an even complexion. Once a week or every ten days, take the time to apply a scrub after cleansing your skin.

Next, apply your face mask. As with "beauty" treatments, choose a mask that meets your skin's needs:a moisturizing, anti-pollution, healthy-glow, purifying mask... You're spoiled for choice! Applying your mask after the exfoliation will allow the active ingredients to better penetrate the skin, for a tenfold action.