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The benefits of my Organic Beauty food supplement

Unlike cosmetics applied to the skin, food supplements are administered orally. Although they have the same purpose, cosmetic treatments and food supplements act in synergy. The first impact on the superficial layers of the epidermis. The latter have a deeper overall effect, both on the face and the body, at the level of the hypodermis and the dermis.

Recommended in cures, food supplements are dissociated by the depth and generality of their action. As its name suggests, an anti-aging facial treatment acts locally and on the superficial layers of the epidermis. However, the needs of the skin are the same on the body. Firmness and hydration also concern the legs and bust. Consequently, when ingested orally, the active ingredients can be delivered to all skin tissues, as they are bioavailable. They cross the intestinal barrier and enter the bloodstream to reach all of the skin, hair and nails.

A concentrate of active ingredients

The other advantage of these beauty pills is the high level of active ingredients they contain.

The cures favor the renewal of the dermis in a more prolonged way. They are also perfect for launching an attack program, after a particular type of skin trauma, slimming diet, state of severe fatigue, prolonged stress...

Your food supplement reinforces the action of your daily beauty products as well as a return to a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. The good effects of supplements and treatments will be intensified by a balanced diet and lifestyle. Minimize the aggravating factors of skin aging, sun, tobacco, alcohol, your anti-aging allies will express themselves even better.

By targeting your body's needs, your beauty food supplement contains different active ingredients that act in synergy for maximum effectiveness:

Organic carrot root, rich in natural carotenoids, neutralizes the action of free radicals and improves skin radiance. Rich in vitamin A, it prepares the skin for the sun and facilitates tanning.

Organic acacia fiber acts effectively in the digestive system on several levels:in the stomach, it helps to reduce the feeling of hunger and accelerate satiety, which limits caloric intake.

In the intestine, it helps to regulate intestinal transit and to fight against constipation. It nourishes the intestinal flora (“prebiotic” effect) and facilitates its balance, which we now know is essential for health and well-being.

Wild Pansy has astringent properties which limits sebum secretions and thus improves oily skin. Its depurative and astringent actions eliminate the toxins responsible for the appearance of pimples. Wild Pansy contains essential fatty acids, vitamins, in particular the antioxidant vitamin E which actively participates in the beauty of the epidermis.

Grape extract is very rich in antioxidants and oligomeric proanthocyanidin (OPC) complexes. It helps wound healing and helps improve blood circulation.

Find the synergy of these ORGANIC products in the BEAUTE BIO detox cure in your May BelleauNaturel box.

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