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The 4 beauty gestures of summer

Summer is finally here! And if this year, we savored it while offering our skin, our hair, our nails summer beauty routines? Discover the 4 gestures of summer, essential and natural!

Step 1:replenish hydration

In summer, the skin heats up much more than in other seasons and has difficulty retaining its hydration. The skin therefore needs water and comfort. Let's focus on hydration with fresh floral water, a beauty oil and a hydration booster serum. In the morning, spray your skin with floral water stored in the fridge for a boost, then apply a gel-textured serum that will help the skin maintain its hydration. The perfect combo? The fresh and invigorating Make it Beauty peppermint hydrosol then Patyka's Hydra booster serum which, enriched with ultra-hydrating pure hyaluronic acid and Tremella, an Asian mushroom with moisturizing properties, leaves the skin feeling comfortable and replenished with water. Finally, for the day, apply a cream with a gel texture to protect the skin and take your floral lotion with you to use at any time! In the evening, we take the same floral water and then apply a beauty oil corresponding to our skin type. Beauty oil will help maintain skin hydration by restoring the hydrolipidic film. We choose it light and we apply it with a roll-on in rose quartz from Roll-on Jade to massage the skin and let it enjoy the freshness of the stones.

If you have been exposed to the sun during the day, first spray your skin (face and body) with a tonic lotion then a refreshing after-sun milk, waiting a few minutes before getting dressed to avoid overheating.

The trick? We keep our products in the fridge!

Gesture n°2:beautiful hands and pretty feet

Hands and feet in the summer can be put to the test. The skin of our feet tends to thicken, so we do not hesitate to pass a small grater on the heels to avoid calluses and small dryness, ideally in the shower. We then apply a cream specially designed for the feet, penetrating and restorative, every evening, and we take the time to massage it well. Nothing prettier on the nails of the feet than a pretty colored varnish! Be careful, however, to remove it regularly to change it and to think of a day without varnish to let the nail breathe;) To remove it, we opt for a natural solvent. We also take care of our hands! Apart from regular manicures, we massage with a cuticle oil like that of Glossworks around the nails to nourish this fragile area, and we apply a hand cream every evening. Hands, when they are tanned, are a real pleasure to sublimate with a very colorful varnish:it's summer, so we dare and have fun with coral, flashy pink or vermilion red.

Step no. 3:keep your hair away from UV rays

In summer, hair suffers from wind, salt, sea, drought and UV rays. We therefore think of feeding them more intensely and protecting them during the day, especially when exposed to the sun. We therefore apply a hair serum every morning on the lengths and ends (we do not hesitate to make a mat for the day if we go to the beach or on a hike) and we make a mask every 2 days to take good care of our lengths. Who says summer also says heat and... Sweating. The scalp is not spared, which is why making a fresh mask with lemon and pink clay like Cattier's once a week is ideal! We also try to limit the frequency of shampoos which can unbalance the hair, while maintaining its habits. To protect your color and your hair from UV rays, apply a protective mist specially designed for them thanks to Acorelle, which combines the vegetable oils of buriti and karanja in a light mist that smells divine!

The trick? For colored hair, in order to maintain shine and radiance, once a week an oil bath is carried out on the lengths for 30 minutes before shampooing! Guaranteed result.

Step 4:daily sun protection

The skin's worst enemy? The sun. And yes, despite its beneficial effects (good mood, tanned skin, etc...) the sun, due to overexposure, can cause premature aging of the skin and skin spots. We therefore think of protecting it well, during exposure and during the day. Every morning, mix a little SPF30 sunscreen with your cream for protection throughout the day. If you expose yourself, whether at the beach or on the terrace of a café, you apply a lotion or a sunscreen spray, because you will always have it in your bag! There's nothing like the non-greasy and organic sunscreens from Laboratoires de Biarritz, practical to take with you and extremely effective.


Peppermint hydrosol, Make it Beauty

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Wild rose oil, Oils of Heaven

Regenerating dry oil, UV Bio

Sensitive feet gel, Propolia


Protective hair mist, Acorelle

Pink clay hair detox mask, Cattier

Vitamin F Serum, Unique

Organic sun gel SPF30, Organic UV

Organic sun spray SPF50+, Laboratoires de Biarritz

Anti-aging face sunscreen SPF30, Madara