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8 beauty gestures to fill in wrinkles

Ah wrinkles… the worst enemies of mature skin! If you're hunting for expression lines and deep wrinkles, there are a few tricks that might help you smooth them out. Massage, hydration, targeted treatments… Here are Veld’s 8 beauty gestures to fill in wrinkles.

1. Practice facial massage to fill in wrinkles

We often underestimate the beneficial effects of facial massage, and yet it is a very effective beauty tip. By gently massaging the skin and especially the areas marked by wrinkles, you will activate blood circulation and relax small tensions present in the muscles of the face. On a daily basis, and especially in the morning when you wake up, the facial massage helps to smooth the skin, to "smooth" it after the night , for a more dynamic complexion and reduced wrinkles.

When you apply your moisturizer, make small circles with your fingertips, before spreading the treatment more widely from bottom to top. Apply your cream in the neck by stretching upwards, and do the same for the face. Applying the cream from bottom to top gives tone to the skin and gives it a better firmness. Finish by patting the skin vigorously and lightly pinching the expression lines to fill them.

2. Care for the eye contour and lip contour

The first wrinkles are often expression lines:the nasolabial fold, crow's feet, and the contour of the mouth. To fill in marked wrinkles and prevent the appearance of new wrinkles, apply targeted treatments to the eye and lip contours every day . They will meet the hydration and nutrition needs of these particularly fragile and sensitive areas to strengthen them. To decongest the eyes and smooth wrinkles around the eyes and lips, we have designed the Eye Magic anti-wrinkle treatment. It firms the skin in fragile areas and protects it from external aggressions, to prevent the appearance of wrinkles and smooth out existing ones.

3. To fight wrinkles, relax!

Easier said than done, it is nevertheless the most effective advice not to dig deeper into existing wrinkles! Stress is a major contributor to the appearance of wrinkles, and expressions associated with stress and anxiety particularly mark the face . The best way to limit breakage:relax! Try to put the hassles of everyday life into perspective as much as possible and take time for yourself:mindfulness meditation, yoga, institute treatments, shopping or going to the hairdresser, everyone has their little rituals to relax and take care of their beauty capital.

4. Make masks

Masks are major beauty allies in the fight against wrinkles. Their concentrated formula allows you to obtain visible results and to offer your skin small treatments of well-being. If it should not be abused so as not to disturb the fragile balance of the skin , one to two masks per week will help you fill in wrinkles effectively.

First of all, to plump up the skin and prevent wrinkles from deepening too much, good hydration is necessary. To quench the skin and restore its tone , our Age 2 Deep Hydration Mask O is perfect. Its composition based on neutral silicone and hyaluronic acid deeply moisturizes the skin, to plump it from the inside:wrinkles and fine lines are smoothed, features are redefined, and the complexion regains radiance. Instant rejuvenation!

For those who live in the city and are regularly exposed to pollution, it is essential to use a detoxifying mask suitable to eliminate particles of pollution and accumulated toxins on the skin. Pollution is particularly aggressive for the skin, as it contributes to deepening wrinkles by drying out the epidermis.

5. Apply your care with the right gestures

If it is essential to have care adapted to your skin and which respond to your problems, the application is also essential to get the most out of your care . To promote skincare absorption, always apply to clean, dry skin. You can exfoliate once a week to eliminate dead cells, and allow the treatments to better penetrate the skin, and thus make their action more effective!

When applying a mask, your moisturizer or your serum, apply them gently:with your fingertips, massaging gently, without pressing and without pulling the skin tissue.

Finally, when you apply a moisturizer, apply it from bottom to top, and above all, give it time to penetrate the epidermis. Do not apply anything over it for 5-10 minutes.

6. Bet on anti-aging serums!

To obtain visible and rapid results in order to fill in your wrinkles, bet on serums! To be applied before your usual moisturizer, the serum is a formula particularly concentrated in active ingredients that acts in depth and faster than a classic cream. A serum will fill in marked wrinkles and smooth the skin, where some creams only smooth fine lines, or require three months of application before seeing an improvement.

At Veld's, we have designed two serums dedicated to mature skin:our Age 2 serum O, an anti-aging treatment that provides deep hydration to plump the skin from within; the Age killer serum, an intense lifting treatment that firms the skin and redefines the features. To be applied every day, these serums will allow you to effectively fill in wrinkles, for revitalized skin!

7. Practice facial gymnastics

Facial gymnastics is a gentle exercise that allows you to strengthen the muscles that support the face :the masseter (jaw muscle) and the orbicular muscles (around the eyes). A few exercises performed daily for 2 to 3 minutes will help maintain these muscles and prevent tension , which deepen expression lines.

After applying your day cream, apply light pressure with your index and middle fingers around the eye, starting from the inner corner. Once below the eye, once above. This exercise is ideal for reducing puffiness, crow's feet, and restoring tone to the eyes .

To raise the oval of the face and draw the features well, then work the masseter:open your jaw wide by lowering your lower jaw as much as possible. Then place your index finger on the lower molars. Try to close your mouth while operating a strong resistance with your index finger. Repeat the exercise 3 times before releasing.

8. Protect your skin from aggression

To prevent your wrinkles from appearing and deepening, you must at all costs strengthen the cutaneous barrier of your skin. To protect it from external aggressions, deep hydration is essential to strengthen the hydrolipidic film. If you have dry skin, also consider applying treatments that offer real nutrition to the skin.

For those who are particularly exposed to the sun, be careful to apply sun protection to the face :ultraviolet rays, and in particular UVA rays, are the primary cause of skin ageing. They cause the formation of new wrinkles and deepen those already installed. To make your summer beauty look easier, we have designed the Flash Protect cream, a tinted treatment with sun protection. Thus, you go out protected, while having a radiant and unified complexion!