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A return to beauty!

Back to school has come.

If we resume the rhythm of the office, school or even our activities, it is time to adopt (or re-adopt) good beauty habits in order to maintain tanned skin, to repair our hair, which has been little spared by the sun, to display a rested face... We give you our best tips to approach the start of the new school year in style!

Make your skin glow

After a most relaxing summer and vacation, our face is refreshed, soothed, refreshed. Our complexion is radiant and bright! For a few weeks, we said goodbye to dark circles and dullness associated with everyday life. A single wish at the start of the school year:to keep our good looks for the summer with a rested and tanned skin. We then put on radiance and vitamin care . Every day, opt for a radiance serum that will illuminate and even out the complexion. We choose either a milky serum such as Denovo's Illumine Radiance Serum enriched with B-carotene, white mulberry extracts and AHA, or an oily one such as Balance Me Face Radiance Oil, a veritable cocktail of vegetable oils with a healthy glow effect ( rosehip, camellia, burriti, grapeseed, sweet almond). To maintain a refreshed skin , apply morning and evening an eye contour treatment to provide hydration and comfort to this delicate area:the PHB Ethical Beauty Radiance Concealer Eye Contour Gel enriched with Aloe vera, birch juice and neroli reactivates blood circulation and soothes the eye contour. Despite the fall that is just around the corner, your skin remains radiant as in summer!

Extend your summer tan

Nothing more pleasing than a tanned complexion which lasts ! To prolong the tan, just a few beauty gestures. Above all, moisturize and relieve the skin after sun exposure with a fresh moisturizing milk. Contrary to popular belief, exfoliating your skin is essential to preserve your tan . The skin is rid of dead cells with a gentle exfoliation once a week. For the face, we opt for the Absolution Exfoliating Cream which combines gentle mechanical exfoliation with small beads with enzymatic exfoliation with lemon, orange and blueberry fruit acids. For the body, choose Univeda's Tranquil Vanilla Body Scrub, enriched with shea butter and vegetable oils. Most ? It reminds us of summer! After the exfoliation, moisturize and deeply nourish your skin with an oil or a rich cream, taking the time to massage the tanned areas of the body. Apply a “healthy glow” oil to your face that brings a light tan to the skin, such as Oily Carrot Macerate from Centifolia or Bioregenerate Wild Rose Oil from Pai Skincare. Finally, we do a beta-carotene cure, a plant pigment found in certain fruits and vegetables such as carrots, melon, mango, lamb's lettuce, spinach, apricot or parsley. Antioxidant, this natural pigment protects cells against free radicals and activates the production of melanin.

Adopt a light and natural makeup

The makeup is an ally of choice to prolong the "healthy glow" effect of summer! To do this, we adopt a light and natural make-up . First, correct the complexion and small signs of fatigue with a concealer corrector like Inika's, with a fluid texture and perfect coverage. Then, apply a BB cream or a light mineral powder foundation to even out the complexion:we love Lily Lolo's Mineral Foundation SPF15 which melts on the skin! Of course, we sublimate your skin with a bronzer that brings a touch of sunshine to the complexion (Resplendent Bronzing Powder by puroBIO) and an illuminator that will reflect light on the face like Inika's Light Reflect Cream Highlighter. It is applied to the prominent areas of the face:hollow of the chin, Cupid's bow, bridge of the nose, brow bone and cheekbone. Finally, bring a feminine touch to your make-up with a pigmented lipstick such as Colorisi's natural lipstick with its "vineyard peach" or "matte red" shades.

Caring for your hair

During the summer, the beauty of our hair can be put to the test by the heat, the sun, the beach or the sea. Choose a shampoo suited to your hair type that we associate with a conditioner if our hair is difficult to detangle. If our hair is dry and fragile, we opt for the Mallowsmooth nourishing shampoo and conditioner from Less is More which protects and repairs the hair thanks to marshmallow extracts and coconut oil. Once or twice a week, we make a repairing and moisturizing mask:the ally for a dream mane! Our favorite ? Maternatura Sunflower Seed Repair Hair Mask enriched with sunflower and moringa seed oils and linseed leaves hair feeling light, soft and shiny. After shampooing, if you have fine or oily hair, apply a repairing cream to the mid-lengths, such as John Masters Organics Pink and Apricot Moisturizing Hair Milk or Denovo Milky Cream. If our hair is very dry, we prefer a hair oil such as Kozmetics Argan and Avocado Hair Oil or Unique Vitamin F Nourishing Hair Serum. Our hair is thus repaired, softened and protected on a daily basis. To gently detangle the hair, we use Centifolia's organic leave-in detangling lotion that you will find this month in your box!

Remembering summer

Monoï, vanilla, coconut, citrus are all warm and delicate notes that remind us of the perfumes and scents of summer. We then opt for the Kivvi Cosmetics Sweet Orange Exfoliating Shower Gel to gently exfoliate the skin before nourishing it with Océopin maritime pine seed dry oil which revitalizes and protects the skin while leaving it scented. notes of pine and mimosa. A little beach air in the bathroom! For our hair, we choose an oil bath with coconut oil or Oli Preciosa de Belesa essential precious oil with a bewitching and intoxicating fragrance reminiscent of warm summer evenings. With rare and virtuous oils of sweet almond, olive and hemp from the Cévennes, argan, camelina and hemp, it nourishes and softens hair and skin.


Make your skin glow

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Extend your summer tan

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Adopt a light and natural makeup

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Caring for your hair

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Remembering summer

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