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My Evening Beauty Ritual

A beauty ritual in the evening is essential to have radiant and healthy skin. The ideal time for an evening ritual is after a relaxing shower before bed. Every day, the face undergoes various environmental aggressions; pollution, wind, sun, cold, perspiration, etc. damage our skin. So when evening comes, it is necessary to perform a beauty ritual to free the skin of all these accumulated impurities, so that it can breathe again, and regenerate properly during the night. It is during the night that our skin is most receptive to the benefits of the care we use. Presentation of the “Du Soir” natural beauty ritual to adopt:

Know your skin type

This is to determine if your skin is oily, combination, sensitive, dry, acne-prone, etc. Each type of skin has its own characteristics that you need to know if you want to offer it appropriate care. Determining your skin type and these needs is not easy, especially since constantly changing skin has needs that change according to your age or the season. We therefore invite you to take the test to determine your skin's needs every month and to regularly try new treatments that can provide your skin with new active ingredients for a new glow! Nobody likes to eat the same thing all the time, your skin too.

1# Make-up removal:free the skin from daily impurities

Whether you wear makeup or not, it is essential to cleanse your facial skin before bed. To do this, the use of a cleanser / make-up remover is recommended, the goal is to remove anything that can clog or dilate the pores, and thus prevent the appearance of pimples or premature aging of the epidermis. There are several types of care to remove make-up from the skin. Young, combination and oily skin will prefer a water-based treatment such as organic micellar water. Dryer-prone skin will be more comfortable with a gentle organic oil-based makeup remover. A formula based on organic oil, for example, will allow you to remove stubborn waterproof mascara without having to hurt yourself.

To accompany your make-up removal by adopting a zero waste routine, both effective and ecological, we invite you to discover the reusable make-up remover squares in organic cotton or bamboo. The gesture is similar to that of a disposable square, except that this one washes more than 500 times, which makes it much more economical over time.

2# Repairing serum:specific care according to your needs

The serum is a specific, ultra-concentrated treatment that is applied in small quantities. It is usually presented in a 15ml to 30ml bottle. Loaded with active ingredients, the serum will act on a particular action; it can be detoxifying, anti-aging, lifting, regenerating, radiant, super moisturizing... Depending on your skin's needs, you can juggle serums by alternating them from day to day. Thus, for one evening, Beautanicae's organic super antioxidant serum will free your skin from polluting toxins. As their compositions make the serums quickly assimilated by the skin, we can then apply a night cream.

3# Eye Contour:take care of your look

The eye contour is the center of facial expression. It is also the area of ​​the face where the skin is the thinnest, which is why we can only advise you to use a specific treatment for this fragile part of the face. An eye contour treatment has several properties:nourishing, anti-wrinkle, anti-puffiness, lifting... Remember to change your Organic eye contour treatment regularly to give your skin the benefits of different active ingredients. For example:Royal Madness Royal Jelly Organic Eye Contour Care.

A beauty ritual in the evening is essential to have radiant and healthy skin.

4# Night cream:hydration and repair during sleep

A night cream aims to nourish and repair the skin during the night. Your 8 hours of sleep is the perfect time to let the active ingredients of a treatment work effectively to firm and restore radiance to tired faces. Note that a night cream is formulated specifically to act on the length and more in depth than a day cream.

A beauty ritual in the evening is essential to have radiant and healthy skin.

5# Hydrate your body

It's the cocooning moment of the routine, it feels so good immediately! Our body undergoes attacks on a daily basis and communicates it to us through these feelings of tightness and dry skin. Take the time to self-massage all over your body with a natural moisturizing body lotion or organic oil complex. Start with the neck, the shoulders... then go down on the whole body, up to the foot, making slow and circular movements.

This moment of relaxation is also excellent for preparing you for falling asleep.

Use natural and organic care

The evening beauty ritual helps the skin to hydrate well and keep its softness and suppleness. It is also a step that prepares the epidermis for rest and regeneration. Select treatments with the Comébio label, rich in natural active ingredients, to ensure that your treatments are free of chemical elements that can cause side effects on the body. They are also environmentally friendly. These beauty solutions for an evening ritual can be purchased separately or in the Belle au Naturel evening ritual beauty box. The ideal is all the same to take the box to achieve a significant saving.