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Where to find the best fashion and beauty inspirations?

Stay beautiful or beautiful and wear a trendy look. Everyone (well almost) dreams of it. It is true that fashion comes and goes and changes at lightning speed. Faced with this flood of information, we come to wonder what are the best approaches to adopt to stay informed of trends or how to unearth the best beauty inspirations. To help you, discover in this article tips that will help you stay on the lookout for new trends, without missing a beat.

Fashion and beauty inspirations:paper magazines

You are wrong to think that the written press and paper magazines are "has-been" and that they can no longer keep pace. On the contrary, magazines remain the primary references for fashion inspiration and beauty trends.

Indeed, the “editorial” poles of these media obtain information directly from designers as well as influential people in the field of fashion. As a result, they are perfectly able to concoct a selection of winter-summer-spring-autumn trends for you, even before other blogs pick them up.

Another point to remember:as you will see on this site, there are many magazines in paper format that offer quality articles on the fashion and beauty trend , especially Elle magazine.

Each month and each publication, they offer different themes. Thus, by digging into the ideas and tips provided by magazines or the written press, you will easily find fashion inspirations specific to your style.

Refer to Pinterest for fashion and beauty inspirations

Eh yes ! On the web and on social networks, you will find a large number of tips, tutorials and inspirations every day. Pinterest, for example, displays thousands of pages, accounts, and websites. A result that we owe to the high number of users. Fashion enthusiasts and professionals, hairdressing experts, make-up specialists … You can find all kinds of profiles there.

Be careful though! Not all the advice and tips offered on Pinterest are necessarily to be followed. Of course, this platform systematically sorts in order to offer users quality content. You can also find poor quality tutorials there.

It should be noted that Pinterest remains a website whose vocation is the sharing of quality photos , without converting into the theme of professional fashion.

Fashion and beauty trends:bloggers and YouTubers

These people, who in most cases have become influencers, are very good references when it comes to fashion and beauty inspiration. Often, they get their tips and ideas from specialized websites, fashion shows, fashion magazines, etc.

The main asset of bloggers and YouTubers? They are extremely knowledgeable on the subject, so they can provide reliable information to their followers. You can, for example, follow a step-by-step tutorial on any theme.

Thanks to them, it is also possible for you to discover good fashion and beauty tips to find the latest trendy sandals or the best places to buy new glasses this summer.