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Organic Jojoba vegetable oil, a beauty essential

The richness and versatility of this organic oil make it a cosmetic oil par excellence. Its PH, very close to that of the sebum of our skin, makes it possible to naturally rebalance the skin. The oil penetrates easily without leaving a greasy feeling and can be used on all skin types (dry, combination, oily or mature).

Calming and softening, it protects the skin against dehydration and wrinkles. To present it to you, I offer you a very well done video, then a more detailed list of the possible uses of Jojoba vegetable oil...

Tips for use:

1# Hydrating, organic jojoba oil is perfect for daily use to moisturize the skin of the face and body.

2# Regenerating, it helps maintain the suppleness and elasticity of your skin.

3# Re-balancing, it regulates sebum secretions, very useful in the spring to prevent the appearance of pimples.

4# Naturally equipped to provide moderate UV protection from the sun, it is ideal for spring.

5# Softening and protective, it is ideal as a natural make-up remover for the eyes and face.

6# Calming and soothing, it is also an excellent after-shave care.

7# In massage to fight against cellulite and reactivate blood circulation, massage the fatty areas using two drops of lemon EO in a tablespoon of jojoba vegetable oil.

Organic Jojoba vegetable oil is an essential present in the Avril organic box on