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5 essential treatments for well-hydrated skin

We all know that the skin needs hydration! But what does “hydrating your skin” mean?

When we talk about hydrating your skin, it means supporting the hydrolipid film . The skin is divided into 3 parts:Epidermis, Dermis and Hypodermis. The epidermis is the outermost layer of the skin. This skin surface is covered with a non-smooth hydrolipidic film. This is a "water/oil" film. This hydrolipidic film is very important. It maintains hydration, acidity and the impermeable barrier of the skin.

When we hydrate, we “repair” or “support” the hydrolipidic film. it is for this reason that when choosing cosmetics, it is important to combine oil and water.

Moisturize your skin daily, the 5 essentials

#1 An Organic Day Cream

Essential in the morning, it must be rich in moisturizing active ingredients such as shea, aloe vera, or a vegetable oil to help you restore your hydrolipidic film which has become dehydrated during the night. Depending on the type of your skin, depending on the season or the outside temperature, we will choose it rather rich or rather fluid so that it adapts to the natural needs of our skin. Apply it by massaging with circular movements all over your face.

#2 An organic eye contour treatment

The eye contour area is thinner and more fragile than the rest of the face, which is why it requires specific care for better results. The bottle of eye contour care is generally 15 ml because very little care is enough each day. In the selection of your organic care, prefer a moisturizing eye contour that also contains active ingredients rich in antioxidants, both anti-aging and anti-pollution. For more efficiency over time, it is important to change treatments regularly in order to bring different active ingredients to your skin.

#3 An ultra-hydrating organic serum

Whether it comes in the form of an oil or a cream, this serum will allow you to moisturize the skin of your face during your evening ritual and thus leave these concentrated active ingredients to act overnight. The quality of the active ingredients it contains will be in line with the quality of the results you will obtain, we can only advise you to choose an organic serum rich in natural active ingredients. Depending on the seasons and the needs of your skin, you will choose a very moisturizing, anti-pollution, radiance or anti-aging serum.

#4 Organic body milk or oil

In winter, the cold and the friction of our clothes dries out the skin of our body, in summer it is the rays of the sun, the wind or the dry air. In short, moisturizing the skin of your body on a daily basis is a necessity for our beauty and for our well-being. Again, it will be important to change skincare regularly because our skin does not have the same needs depending on our age, its type and the season. Since each asset meets a specific need; we can easily associate them with a season. To name a few:

  • shea butter is renowned for its hydration and restorative qualities (Ideal in winter)

  • Jojoba vegetable oil for its rebalancing properties, perfect for treating skin problems (Spring and Autumn)

  • Aloe vera for its freshness and regenerative qualities (Summer)

  • Vegetable oils or dry oils will moisturize and soften your skin by giving it a delicate smell (All year round according to your desires).

#5 An organic moisturizing mask

In addition to the application of your daily care, allow yourself some time to cocoon yourself. Also apply the Biological Hydrating Mask to your face once or twice a week. This step is a real hydration booster that will provide your skin with the benefits of new active ingredients such as hyaluronic acid or organic argan oil, for example. The application of this treatment in a generous layer associated with a longer break time allows your skin to fill up with moisturizing and regenerating active ingredients at its own pace. So your skin will regain real suppleness and your complexion will illuminate your smile.

DIY recipe tip :Cucumber and Yogurt Mask

Put a cucumber mask on the face is a very common practice in beauty and wellness salons. This type of treatment can be done easily at home. Thanks to its moisturizing properties, cucumber can be used to refresh dehydrated skin. It is made up of many vitamins and brings a burst of life to the epidermal surface.

To prepare cucumber cream for one person, you will need a whole cucumber and a pot of yogurt. Peel the cucumber and mix it with yogurt. Don't add anything else into the mix! These two ingredients are enough. Once the preparation is finished, wait 15 minutes before applying it to the face. This mask will deeply purify and hydrate your skin.