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My makeup routine for Valentine's Day

Nude or rosy cheeks, smoky or colored eyes, red lips with matte or shiny effect? Figuring out the perfect Valentine's Day makeup is a daunting challenge that comes up every year. Adopting a natural style, putting on your 31 or even going off the beaten path of cosmetics, the debate rages on what will surprise these dear valentines the most. Besides wanting to please your man, the most important thing is to have fun. Thus, the beauty routine for Valentine's Day , more than to impress your lover, must above all be a gift for yourself . This time is for pampering and relaxing , to literally finish in style . Discover our special Valentine's Day make-up routine :)

Prepare and cleanse your skin

Cleansing is an essential step in any beauty routine, especially when it is followed by a make-up session. This not only removes all the accumulated toxins but also solves certain skin problems. To do this, we recommend the Happycuriennes organic cleansing and make-up remover jelly made from organic vegetable oils. This holistic treatment with a velvety texture will bring out properly cleansed and rebalanced skin. Bonus, this treatment is enriched with organic safflower oil, a miraculous active ingredient presented in the article:Organic Safflower Oil, our ally for this winter.

Then make your skin radiant with a touch of Damascus rose floral water from La Maison des Sultans. This gel-textured treatment brings a moment of softness and freshness to your skin. It is suitable for sensitive and fragile skin.

Apply a moisturizing base

This type of product is necessary for all skin types but must be adapted and selected with care. For oily or combination skin, we recommend a mattifying base that ensures makeup fixation. In addition to preventing the flow of makeup, the base also helps prevent it from becoming dull. Natural products such as organic coconut oil or organic jojoba oil from Les Traditions de MALO can be used as a base for make-up. However, they should be applied lightly to avoid highlighting.

You can also opt for moisturizing serums as a base such as the organic hydration and vitality serum from Na&T Story Cosmétiques. This treatment nourishes and moisturizes the skin of the face as much as that of the eye contour, a sensitive and fragile area.

Day creams can also be used as a hydrating fixing base. The organic fresh moisturizing day cream by Esthetica Pure Nature deeply hydrates the face. Enriched with organic Aloe Vera and organic sacha inchi oil, this treatment preserves the hydrolipidic film throughout the day.

For dry or sensitive skin in these cool weather conditions, PATYKA's organic hydra booster serum deeply nourishes and smoothes the skin. The hyaluronic acid and tremella contained in this treatment give it moisturizing and soothing effects. This product protects your skin and will also be the perfect base before makeup.

Work on the complexion

To have a properly unified skin, it is necessary to choose the right product but also the right application. Blender, brush or even by hand, each with its own technique to obtain the best possible result. However, avoid having too heavy a hand at the risk of clashing with the rest of the uncovered skin. A discreet natural effect result is the best way to keep a fresh and luminous complexion.

A little tip for choosing the right foundation for your skin tone:test the product on the earlobe or on the jawbone. This will allow you to find the shade that blends the most with your natural skin tone. Note that the test on the wrist is not very effective, since this area is potentially much lighter than the face.

Pretty BB organic radiance cream from the Funny Bee Paris brand is the treatment to adopt for a luminous and unified complexion. Its superb composition based on the treasures of the hive gives it a light texture and a nude finish that adapts to all skin tones.

The complexion-enhancing trio by Couleur Caramel is also an ally for working on your complexion. These 3 degraded and easy to apply shades illuminate the complexion like never before.

Eye contour

Dark circles or tired eyes are not the most aesthetic. Lack of sleep or even stress promotes the appearance of bags under the eyes. Added to this the fact that this area of ​​the skin is particularly sensitive, it is necessary to find the right product. La Fare en Provence 1789 Bio Merveill’yeux eye contour care is perfect for moisturizing this particularly fragile area. Enriched with avocado and brown seaweed, this treatment with an immediate tensor effect reduces wrinkles and fine lines while illuminating the eyes.

Take care of your eyes

An irresistible gaze is also essential for this Valentine's Day. Who doesn't dream of having doe eyes to melt the coldest heart? To do this, we recommend Liner Signature natural eyebrow pencil by Elissance Paris. Pencil and brush come together in this product to create the most charming look. To lengthen and give volume to the eyelashes, we recommend the Noir intense waterproof natural mascara by Elissance Paris. You can also adopt the beauty of the intense black natural volume mascara from the Boho Cosmétique brand. Protective and enhancing, it takes care of your eyelashes with its natural active ingredients.


Just like the icing on the cake, lipstick is the finishing touch to this makeup routine. For a heart-shaped, luscious and irresistible mouth, the Rose la Lune brand offers its wonderful lip tints. Between natural pink or shiny nude, it depends on the outfit and the mood. These gourmet colored glosses moisturize the lips and do not stick.