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My beauty routine for January

The new year is slowly setting in and we are adapting to all these new changes. Each has its little rituals to accompany this renewal. Removing Christmas decorations, changing habits, sending greeting cards to loved ones… Daily life is changing and so are we. However, there is one thing that won't change for a while:the season . Winter will be with us for a long time yet. Snow and cold winds will all be in the game. As a result, it will be necessary to prepare for such temperatures . Apart from warm clothes, boots and hats, an adapted beauty routine must also be put in place. From advice, to seasonal essentials to essential products, everything to be naturally beautiful for the start of the year .

A new beginning is coming

So many adventures have taken place in our daily lives in one and the same year. Despite a tumultuous and stormy road, we finally made it. Helped by the leitmotif of December:Pampering yourself and preparing for the New Year, we have reached this new January.

The new year has begun and changes are happening around every corner. All these changes and improvements encourage us to do the same. Change our habits even a little to mark the beginning of the year and announce an equally positive sequel .

Starting this new beginning with a smile will be a good way to announce the color for the months and seasons to come. And to start the year in style, there's nothing better than adapting your beauty routine to winter.

Hydration an essential of the season

The change of month implies an evolution in beauty routines and rituals . Nevertheless, a must during this period of great cold remains hydration . Current weather conditions favor the drying out of our skin. A situation that is all the more painful when the skin is naturally sensitive and/or easily irritated. It is obviously necessary to soothe our skin, one of the keys to this is:Hydration.

It should be remembered that hydration concerns both our body and our skin. Drinking a sufficient amount of water is essential but preserve the hydrolipidic film of the skin is essential. The cold attenuates the microcirculation, which triggers the drying out of the surface of the epidermis. The only solution available is the preservation of the hydrolipidic film. In view of the situation, further measures such as adopting a more moisturizing product or the addition of serum and oil in creams is recommended.

A suitable routine

All these treatments and rituals must be granted and adapted to establish the ideal beauty routine in these cold weather. Here are our few tips for a perfectly hydrated program:

As the face is continually exposed to icy air, we recommend a treatment rich in moisturizing and emollient products. Clairjoie's organic youth care balm will be perfect for this. Enriched with organic argan and organic shea, this super-active balm intensely and deeply nourishes the skin. Thanks to the properties of its powerful active ingredients, it will be a considerable ally for mature and/or sensitive skin for the winter. For fans of shea butter, you can directly use this product without any other additive or active ingredient with pure shea butter from Institut karité Paris. 100% natural, this shea butter takes care of your skin and your hair.

For even more hydration and soothing, we suggest EXEKO's organic nourishing night cream. This treatment to be applied during night beauty rituals is composed of shea butter and lavender floral water. It moisturizes, repairs and protects even the most dehydrated skin. For morning care, we recommend the bluffing youthful day cream from bio by Oxalia. Enriched with various moisturizing and plumping active ingredients, its soft texture is a caress for your skin.

A ritual that does not escape this seasonal adaptation is personal hygiene. Adopt the Fresh Bio intimate cleansing foam by EXSENS. Damascus Rose and Aloe Vera combine in this treatment to provide more comfort during this wash. To hydrate the entire body, Les happycuriennes presents La Bienheureuse organic body cream. Aloe vera gel, hemp oil, sunflower oil and passionflower extract make up this minimalist treatment bursting with virtues.

In these times that are still reminiscent of the holidays, we would all like to maintain a fresh and luminous complexion. The caramel-colored organic complexion enhancer makes its brilliant and vibrant colors available for this purpose. Easy to apply, soft to the touch, silky finish, these 3 wonderful shades will save us from sad faces.

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