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Top 5 Beauty trends for 2021

When it comes to beauty products, there is always something new and exciting on the market, be it makeup, skin care and more! Even in times of economic stress, the beauty industry manages to thrive as people continue to enjoy the small pleasures and luxuries of cosmetics and skin care. What does the future of beauty look like? We've put together a list of some of our favorite beauty trends for 2021.

Skin care as makeup

While simplicity has always been valued, today people are promoting the importance of taking care of your skin to give yourself a natural glow and beauty that resembles makeup. An increasing number of women have begun to adapt to a more natural look and avoid full-face makeup, giving their skin room to breathe while staying healthy and beautiful! Using moisturizers, toners and serums to help your skin maintain its natural balance and charm is one thing we love. Makeup brands come up with subtle products like BB creams that are lighter than a traditional foundation, while still giving you coverage and avoiding that matte, cakey look. Being kind to your skin with makeup minimalism is an ideal way to glow from within and empower the inner you!

Skin care against pollution

Air pollution is an environmental hazard that negatively affects various parts of our lives. When it comes to our skin, chemicals in the environment can lead to the formation of dark spots, inflammation, premature aging and even acne. Several brands have come up with products that nourish the skin and protect it against harmful substances from the air. Skin care brands have certainly taken this issue seriously and are launching products that limit skin damage from pollution and dirt. These products contain antioxidants that fight any radicals in the air. Our skin is the main interface between the chemicals and pollutants in the air and our bodies. Whatever our skin absorbs quickly becomes apparent, resulting in wrinkles and signs of early aging. Anti-pollution products are not only trendy, but also a necessity in the present times. Brands are coming out with their range of anti-pollution skin care products as demand grows. While it's easy to believe that this is more of a marketing tool, it highlights the impact of pollution on our daily lives. It draws attention by raising awareness through our daily skin care.

Increase in organic beauty products

It's good to see skincare brands doing their best to be kind to the environment and our beautiful nature. More products are being made organically without using artificial synthesizers and genetically modified substances. In recent times, many brands have also started developing “vegan” products that omit the testing of animal products and animal ingredients. We hope this positive trend continues to gain momentum so other brands can take a note and get inspired! The environment is a precious resource, and taking care of ourselves at the expense of nature is unacceptable.

Durable beauty

Skin care brands make products that contain "clean" ingredients and pay a lot of attention to the packaging of these beauty products. Recyclable packaging is a trend we love. Why spend money and package these products with materials that are harmful to the environment? Brands are taking steps to ensure beauty products are made organically and packaged with materials that can be easily recycled. 2020 is a lesson in itself, and we are happy that the year makes us think rationally and do what is best for us and everyone around us!

Cost-effective and multifunctional products

In today's world everyone has a fairly busy lifestyle and we are looking for the most accessible solutions to problems while saving money. There is a growing demand for products that are user-friendly and suitable for multiple purposes. This has led brands to launch affordable products that can also be used for multiple purposes. A good example is a product that combines two skin care steps without investing in two expensive products.