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Gwénaëlle's detox beauty routine

"The beginning of the year announces for me the renewal, the desire to do good to my body, my skin and my hair. Go through a beauty detox is then essential to recharge the batteries and spend the winter gently.

A detox for my skin

There's nothing like a detox for healthy, purified and radiant skin! My skin is of combination type with a sensitive tendency (and sometimes some small imperfections). First of all, I take the time to clean it well through a triple cleansing routine. I remove make-up from my skin with a gentle make-up remover oil or a cleansing balm when I feel it tight from the cold. I bet on soft oils such as apricot, sesame or baobab. My two favorites at the moment are Cîme Purity Recipe Cleansing Oil which I find ultra-gentle and very effective in removing make-up, even from the eyes (and what about its delicate fragrance, I love it!), and the Baobab and Vanilla Cleansing Balm from Evolve Beauty . The latter has a very rich and super comfortable texture to remove make-up without attacking my skin. What I like most is the feeling of warmth and softness it leaves during application. I then apply a gentle cleansing gel combined with a Konjac sponge to dissolve the makeup remover and leave my skin clean and clear.

Who says detox says exfoliation and mask! I absolutely love the Savon Stories Face Scrub , with argan powder and scented with essential oils of verbena, neroli and detoxifying clary sage. I combine it with nigella oil or argan oil to gently exfoliate my skin, which is then ultra-soft, luminous and plumped. I then apply the Madara purifying detox mask with clay and lavender floral water to purify, cleanse and tighten the pores of the skin. I let it sit between 5 and 10 minutes, I rinse and I go to the care!

A detox routine for my hair

It's true that we often think of the skin when we talk about a detox beauty routine, but this one is all about the hair. Colored, I like more than anything to pamper my hair that I want shiny, supple and soft. I do a neutral henna hair mask once a week. to purify my scalp, beautify my color and strengthen the hair fiber. It is an essential beauty gesture for me because the result is amazing! Simply mix neutral henna powder (uncolored) with hot water, apply to the scalp and lengths, then leave on for 20 to 40 minutes under a hot towel, before rinsing. and make your shampoo. During this time, I take the opportunity to prepare myself a detox tea, a real ritual!

Well-being for my body

Twice a week, I treat myself to an invigorating and invigorating exfoliation with Maison Meunier Coffee Exfoliation:the result is that my skin is velvety smooth, soft and firm! I also love body oils, they are for me a real moment of well-being and relaxation. I chose My Huilette Bodysuit from Les Huilettes because it offers the psycho-sensory benefits of essential oils. Their natural fragrance soothes me and has the gift of de-stressing me. It's a joy. I apply it in the evening, after going for a run to tone myself up, it's a small reward, which is more beneficial because the grapefruit essential oil drains while that of shiu firms. I also recently discovered the You &Oil Anti-Stress Complex :naturally rather anxious, I always take this little synergy of essential and vegetable oils with me to soothe me. I apply it several times a day on the inside of my wrists and on the solar plexus, and it's been a nice boost.

Detox foods

Food is also part of the detox, and I attach great importance to my diet. Vegetarian, I adopt a healthy diet as much as possible, rich in fruits and vegetables, and I drink a lot of water. I like to make cures of superfoods like spirulina or chia seeds. My little pleasure? Ginger infused in hot water, honey and lemon to relieve stress and benefit from its antioxidant effects. Of course, I love fresh fruit and vegetable juices! Properly prepared, they are both delicious and very healthy. For a healthy glow effect and an antioxidant action, I like to prepare an “orange juice”. Just pass through the extractor 2 carrots, turmeric, ginger and 1 lemon!

An emotional detox

We rarely think about it anymore, but our emotional state can be toxic by causing disturbances or disorders in the body. An emotional detox is just as important as a beauty or food detox. It is important to take the time to rest or practice activities that clear your head such as reading, running, or even walking. My little pleasure at the moment is the concept of the "Enjoy list":I list all the positive things that have happened to me during the day or during the week, this allows me to concentrate on the positive while airing my spirit ! It's up to you to test;)

Detox should be a moment of pleasure and well-being, which involves a beauty routine as much as a healthy diet or a detox of the mind. Opting for meditation, reading, drawing, sports or a breath of fresh air are all things that make our detox a success! It's up to you to choose yours."


Gwénaëlle s detox beauty routine