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Anti-fatigue beauty routine:healthy glow special!

When autumn sets in, our skin tends to follow the movement:goodbye luminous and tanned complexion, hello dull and tired complexion! The rhythm of the start of the school year, the lack of sun, and the change of seasons often lead to a period of fatigue, which is quickly visible on our faces. Discover Veld's anti-fatigue beauty routine, ideal for regaining radiant skin in the fall!

A fresh cleansing against fatigue

When you get out of bed, a small fresh cleanse is ideal to wake up the skin. We eliminate the toxins accumulated during the night, the remains of moisturizers, to clear the way. If you have sensitive skin, cleaning with a spray of thermal water or floral water placed in the refrigerator may be sufficient.

Otherwise, you can also use a mild cleansing gel, rinse with very cold water. The cold activates the microcirculation in the skin tissue, to tighten the pores , and to reduce any redness . Plus, it's perfect for finishing waking up!

An anti-fatigue facial massage

Once your skin is clean and dry, a small anti-fatigue facial massage is ideal to warm up the complexion. Apply your serum in 4 points on the cheeks, chin and forehead. Spreading the material, make small circles with your fingertips all over the face. On wrinkled or fatigued areas, press a little more, stretch the skin, then pinch gently. Finish spreading the material from the inside of the face outwards, before tapping the skin with your fingers in a dynamic way.

Finally, apply your anti-aging serum in the neck from the bottom up to prevent sagging of the skin tissue. This anti-fatigue facial massage activates circulation, drains the lymph, and redraws the features, while reducing wrinkles!

Anti-fatigue eye care

When we are tired, it is often our eyes that betray us:marked expression lines, puffiness, dark circles and other joys appear. A good anti-fatigue beauty routine therefore necessarily contains an eye contour treatment!

For an anti-fatigue eye treatment, place your eye contour in the refrigerator , at least 15 minutes before application. Once your care is very cool, apply two small hazelnuts under the eyes and spread all over the eye contour. As with the anti-fatigue facial massage, gently massage the area before lightly pinching dark circles, then tapping to drain the tissue.

To make it easier for you, Veld's eye contour treatments are designed in the form of brushes:the application with a brush allows you to perform a small massage of the eye contour, for an anti-fatigue eye care very effective. In addition, with our Eye Magic treatments , you can find a treatment adapted to your problems:choose the anti-wrinkle eye contour brush, or the anti-dark circles and anti-puffiness highlighter brush, or even the eye area lifting treatment.

A good-looking moisturizer

After the serum and the massage to reboost the skin of the face and reduce the signs of aging, make way for the moisturizer! Hydration is essential to give the skin suppleness and freshness. When the skin is dry, the signs of fatigue are more visible , wrinkles are also more pronounced. As for the serum, apply your moisturizer in 4 hazelnuts that you stretch towards the outside of the face.

During seasonal changes, choose special good-looking creams for an effective anti-fatigue beauty routine. At Veld's, we have designed two healthy glow skincare products perfect for fall:Pure Pulp Neo and the Pure Pulp Glow . Pure Pulp Neo Beauty Restoring Face Gel restores radiance to tired skin. It repairs, hydrates, lifts and plumps the skin in depth. The Pure Pulp Glow healthy-glow facial treatment fights dull complexion! It boosts cellular energy, restores color and radiance to the skin. Its light shade adapts to all skin tones and is a very good make-up base.

A good-looking make-up

To finalize your anti-fatigue beauty routine, opt for a simple and luminous make-up in order to have a radiant complexion. If you didn't use a tinted moisturizer, apply a liquid foundation with a brush. Choose a foundation with a light material, because materials that are too thick tend to lodge in wrinkles and make them stand out. Then, apply your concealer by tapping to fix the material without spreading it. For very marked and dark circles, proceed in two steps:an orange concealer to neutralize purple tones, then a concealer covering your complexion to even out the complexion.

Then apply a touch of blush on each cheek, at the level of the cheekbones. On the top of the cheekbone, on the Cupid's bow and at the brow bone, add a note of highlighter. It is the miracle product to restore light to a dull and tired complexion! A pearly eye shadow and a rosewood lipstick will finalize this healthy-looking make-up, which will camouflage all signs of fatigue!